Orange and Maroon Effect Friday

alt va tech ribbon

Viginia Tech Alma Mater
(second verse with chorus)

The Orange and Maroon you see,
That’s fighting on to victory;
Our strife will not be long this day,
For glory lies within this fray

So stand and sing, all hail to thee,
V.P., all hail to thee.

orange and maroon effect

fyi – I’ll go back to our original banner tomorrow but today is about remembering and having Hokie Pride.



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3 responses to “Orange and Maroon Effect Friday

  1. Digging up some orange and maroon stuff as we speak… It’s a great idea.

  2. Sheryl

    I also remember V.T., those lost, and especially those that will be forever effected by their loss.
    If it’s of any interest, Fresno State is doing a special memorial on Monday along the planting of a memorial garden in of V.T. in our Peace Garden on campus. I won’t be here on Monday but I’ll take pics and send them to you when I return to campus on Tuesday.
    Blessings my dear friend!!

  3. M & D,

    We proudly wore our VT attire today! We had a special service Wednesday night and will again on Sunday honor the Hokie students and families.

    Lovn’ the new blog!


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