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Earth Day 2007

David pictureI know that admitting you even know when Earth Day is pegs you as a pinko-commie-greenie-weenie-liberal-bedwetter by many.  And if you actually do anything on that day to remotely promote the cause of the day just puts you in the hemp-wearing-pocket-composting-dreadlocked-hippie-biodiesel-making-nut that lives in a straw bale commune.  All that considered, I write this as my conservative appeal to my landscaping friend who thinks Earth Day is all about advancing the agenda of Al Gore and “freaks” that want to destroy the economy in the name of a couple of snails.

Admittedly, the environmental holastafarians have dominated the debate in recent years over the more mild-toned conservationists among us who simply want to leave the beauty this world has to offer to future generations.  At its very heart, conservation is about leaving some for somebody else (whether it is natural beauty or resources), using something until it can’t be used anymore or find someone who can (like handing down clothes, buying used), and when something is completely unusable, use the parts for something else (like, be an organ donor or find the nearest recycling facility for your metal, glass, paper, cardboard, etc.).

Conservation is not a new phenomenon, it used to be a way of life.  Ask anyone who lived through the depression and you will quickly find that an on-demand, disposable lifestyle is likely not the story they will tell.  The story you will hear is one of prudence, living sparingly, and maintaining proper stewardship over your resources and possessions so that they would serve you well for who knows how long.

I think those lessons of living simply in moderation, using only what you need, and doing so not for the sake of two snails but for the sake of future generations of humanity are conservative principles.  Conservative principles that have been abandoned politically because they appear too similar to a progressive agenda and in our dichotomous political climate, that gets you labeled as a pinko-greenie-weenie-liberal.  Conservatives, who have as a champion a President who began the US Forest Service and established the first National Parks, have all but forgotten that great legacy.  That is a great shame because we have lost that conservationist voice in the political debate.

I call on Conservatives to honestly talk with environmental holastafarians about conservation, sustainability, and alternative energy.  Earth Day should not be chastised as for “those people” but celebrated and adopted as a conservative day as well.  

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