Malia pictureI bought three cans of tuna at the grocery store today. I remember setting the cans, all three stacked together, on the check-out conveyor. When I got home and was unloading the groceries, I noticed that each can was in a different sack (with other items).




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8 responses to “random

  1. The bagger just didn’t want to be sel-fish.

  2. LMAO, I get weird bagging like that all the time. Makes you wonder what the baggers are thinking! Last time I went shopping, the bagger put one cold item in ever non-cold item bag. Time for retraining, methinks!

  3. Could it be canned tuna mating season? Perhaps the bagger wanted to make sure you arrived at home with no more tuna than you paid for.

  4. That is kind of odd. I have to buy some canned cat food for one cat that has a history of fatty liver disease from anorexia and almost died years ago, and considering that they’ll toss 15 or 20 of those cans in one bag that will almost always break or be close to breaking… well, the tuna thing is just weird.

    I mean, you know, they usually toss all cans of anything canned (or as many as they can) in the same bag. That’s weird.

  5. That sounds like something I would notice. LOL

  6. Lisa

    Too funny. In a strange sort of way. 🙂

  7. First of all, I love you for noticing it at all. Secondly, I love you for blogging about. Hahahahaha.

  8. Sheryl

    Obviously, baggers aren’t the ‘brightest crayon in the box’. At least you got all 3 cans of tuna home. Sometimes between the grocery story and my house, items seem to run off. That really makes you go hmmmmmmm. 🙂

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