Malia pictureWhat you don’t want to see in front of your child’s school:

Lots of police cars.

What you don’t want to be told when you try to enter the school:

The school is in lockdown.

What you don’t want to find out when you get home and watch the noonday news:

Possibly kidnapping.

I was just there (what a roll I’m on) at JBelle’s school so I know that everything is okay. I know that JBelle is fine because The GMan and I just had lunch with her. Most of the kids at her school really don’t even know what happened. The police and the administration and the teachers are handling it very well (hmmm…reminds me our previous post). Yes, the school was put into lockdown but when I left, all had returned to “normal” or about as normal as school gets when it’s crawling with police officers! While at the school, I heard that an unidentified, red-haired man had gained unauthorized access to the school building. When I left the school building there were several news cameras set up across from the street. Thankfully they were not allowed to approach the school because I was in no mood to give any interviews! I found out on the news about the attempted kidnapping.

I have to say, I felt amazingly calm the entire time. I figured that if something really, really bad had happened, I wouldn’t even have been able to get close to the school. The officers were very professional and had a very good handle on the situation. The school’s administrators were calm and professional and I felt that since they were letting me and other parents into the school, they knew that the children were all safe.

Still…in light of last week’s events…I kind of have the shaky feeling again.


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12 responses to “Lockdown

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  2. Oh Malia, that sounds so horrifying. I’m glad to know everything worked out okay.

  3. Okay, for your sake & mine, let’s think of the positives here.

    1.) You happened to show up so you could see firsthand that (Jbelle(?)-what happened to Sweetpea?!?!?) was okay. If you’d just seen something about it on the news you probably would have freaked out!

    2.) You admire the way the administration handled things.

    3.) Apparently the kidnapping plan was foiled. Was it a non-custodial parent or something?

    4.) God is in control!

    There, now don’t you feel better…..I do!

  4. Nevermind…….I found where you had changed the names.

  5. Sheryl

    Wow, what is going on with this world?? We had 3 attempted kidnappings at 2 different schools in the last day. I don’t know much of what happened but the kids are all ok.

    Along with that, a fire broke out at College C of C (my old church) from arson, just minutes after a shed at a nearby school caught fire as well. The church fire started from a trash can outside and spread to one of the wings at the church, which is also used for the Christian school that shares the campus. It did at least 50k of damage.
    To top it off, the next morning, someone caught another C of C bathroom on fire by setting a roll of T.P. on fire. This was during business hours and shortly after a senior’s bible class. The damage was restrained to just the bathroom so it wasn’t too bad.

    Satan is on a rampage right now. We need to pray hard and fight back!!

  6. Lisa

    Wow, big scare! I was just in my son’s school yesterday to pick him up and even after all that happened in our community last week I was not asked for ID!!!!!!!! It is driving me nuts. I emailed the principal a month or two ago, but I think I’m going to have to do something else. I wanted to rant and rave at the secretaries but decided I was too emotional at the moment and needed to calm down.

  7. Oh, my goodness, Malia. I’m glad everything turned out OK, but I know it was frightful while it was going on.

  8. OH MY! What is wrong with people these days, seriously!? I just can’t comprehend things like this. It seems like “lockdowns” are happening more and more these days. No fun!

  9. Very scary. Glad everyone is okay and sounds like it was handled well.

  10. how scary!! i’m so glad everyone is ok.

  11. Oh my gosh, I’d be horrified. It does sound like things were handled well. Still, I’d lose a few nights of sleep (at least) thinking about it. I might have been calm in the moment, but during the night the panic would attack me. But I’m so glad that everyone is okay.

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