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Malia pictureI’m tired of the “Lockdown” post being the one on top. I’m also a little tired of seeing my own face here but there’s a very good reason for that. David was out of town all week, just got back last night after the kids were in bed. I barely gave him time to check his e-mail, let alone write a blog post 😉 This morning as I helped JBelle get ready for school and as David got ready to go into the office, it just felt so right with all four of being together again. The kids are definitely happier now that he’s home again. I guess I would be too if I had a stark raving lunatic for a mother. David is definitely the calm for the storm of Hurricane Malia.

Did I have a rough week? What makes you ask that?

In retrospect, the week wasn’t all that bad. But I’m still very, very, very glad to have my husband home again.

And I’m really excited about tonight’s Friday pizza & movie night. I found the original Freaky Friday on DVD at the library a couple of days ago! (I’ve seen the remake but I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate for JBelle to see.) Plus, I’m making homemade pizza and maybe even a couple calzones for me and David.



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2 responses to “Something else

  1. I’m always a nervous wreck when Tim leaves town, and I never tell anyone when he’s gone.

    Even though nothing really bad usually happens, it just seems like I’m dragging through the days with only one hand and one eye.

    So I KNOW you’re glad to have him back.

  2. I’m used to Andy being gone by now, but it still is a MILLION times better when he is home!!!

    I rented the original Freaky Friday for my kids a couple years ago, before I’d let them watch the new one… but they were like “ugh Mom this is so ooooold”. And, admittedly, it wasn’t as awesome and wonderful as I had remembered it being when I saw it in the 80s. My kids love the new one though (but they are older than JBelle). 🙂

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