Vick is nothing but a Dog?

David pictureMichael Vick is in the news again today because of something someone else did in a house he happens to own in Virginia.  Vick’s cousin, Davon Boddie, lives in the house and was sufficiently suspected of involvement in drug activity that police executed a search warrant on the house (and later arrested him elsewhere) only to find dogs that were “injured and emaciated” and dog fighting-related items.

However, the news story leads the reader to presume that Michael Vick is somehow directly linked to the original drug investigation by lack of reference in the first paragraph (I confirmed this bias by asking Malia about the story…all she knew was something about drugs and injured dogs found at Vick’s house) and then quotes PETA members as saying that Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, should fire Michael Vick if the dogs are found to have been involved in fighting and suspend him while there is an investigation.  Did you notice anything there?  NOT that Vick himself is involved in dog fighting, simply that the dogs found in a house he happens to own were allegedly used in fighting.  Apparently every landlord is now liable for any tenant activity.  The article then finished by recounting every misstep that Vick has made over the last few years.

In a follow-up article, Vick states that family members have taken advantage of his generosity, he nevers visits the property, and was upset at the incident.  Again, PETA insists that he had to know about it and is responsible, insinuating that to feed the animals (not that they noticed that the dogs were EMACIATED) would take a large sum of money (money only an NFL QB could supply, wink wink).  Not only that, but now sports columnists are saying that Vick should take better care of his affairs.  For goodness sake he was fishing in a private pond (the HORROR!!) without permission and he didn’t show up for a flight to take him to participate in a congressional function where he would be HONORED for his work with kids (what a sicko to miss that, he couldn’t really care about kids to miss hanging out with those turkeys).  Not to mention he flipped the bird at the fans in New Orleans last season AND had a water bottle seized by “officials” at the Miami airport that reportedly smelled of marijuana, not that there was any evidence except some TSA agent’s nose.

What is wrong with this picture?  This is character assassination for something he is not even directly linked to on top of innuendo evidence that he is just a person of questionable character.  SERIOUSLY!?!  How horrible to not be honored for working with kids (some might call that humility) or for FISHING!! (some might call that boring).  If he is that lacking in character he must have known something about what his cousin was doing three states away?   And must have no moral fiber whatsoever for having a water bottle with a “secret compartment”(ooooooo, that could only be used for drugs).  And he gave some girl VD.  And he has cornrows.  And he’s related to his brother.  And he left college early because he is greedy.  And occasionally he wears baggy pants.  And…

What ever happened to calmly weighing the evidence and determining a verdict after sober deliberations?  “Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a Negro comes up, is something I don’t pretend to understand.”–Atticus Finch 

ETA 7/19/07:  My stand has not changed even with an indictment against Vick.  While the feds have a 95% conviction rate once they indict, it is still my opinion that Vick has been dragged through the mud unnecessarily.  While my gut tells me that I will have to edit this again or write a new one referring to this post at some point talking about how Vick is truly as dirty as everyone thought he was all along, excuse me while I don’t jump all the way there quite yet.


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2 responses to “Vick is nothing but a Dog?

  1. I’m afraid Micheal Vick has been “Pac-Manned”.

    Every player in the NFL had better keep their noses clean, and the noses of everyone they know!

    It’s not fair, but the commish wants to prevent the “thug” reputation that the NBA got a few years ago.

  2. My hubby and I talked about this the other evening. I feel for him- knowing that he has made some bad choices in the past, and then having choices of his family pinned to him.

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