Because I hate to be left out…

Malia picture…I now Twitter.


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6 responses to “Because I hate to be left out…

  1. I really don’t understand this twittering thing. seriously. What IS it? What does it all mean??

  2. Malia

    I’m having a hard time figuring it out, myself!

    Someone please send Twitter help!

  3. I have not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon but I am observing from afar! 😉

  4. Malia

    Jamie, that was my plan – to just observe from afar – but I found myself inexplicably drawn to it and the rest, as they say, is history!

    Emily – Kat likens it to “passing notes in class”, to me it seems a lot like a chat room. I think the draw is the mobility of it, you can “twitter” from your cell phone and through IM platforms.

  5. People tend to use it two ways mostly. I tend to use it more as a mini-blog (hence the RSS feed to it in my sidebar, Jaxn sort of does that too. Some of the others do more person-to-person chatting or chatting among the group. Today was probably the first day in a long time I’ve done that much person-to-person Twittering. I’m usually just posting whatever I’m doing or whatever thoughts are in my head that aren’t really worth posting a whole blog entry for.

    You probably saw my Twitter posts from Mack’s party – that was pretty neat ‘cos Ivy & I knew John and maybe Brittney and some others would be reading, at least some.

    My mom LOVED me using it when I went to Chicago since I was going by myself and meeting up with people I had known online for years but never met in person. I Twittered by text from my phone the whole weekend, every time I changed planes or landed or boarded, and whenever I did something new all weekend. She was really glad to be able to “follow me” and know I was OK and had made it there and back and stuff.

    I think it has a lot of potential for other uses – I would have killed to get the doctors I used to work for to use it so I could keep up with where they were and what they were doing and if they were busy at a glance. The problem, of course, would have been whether they would have used it like they should.

    But it’s certainly lots of fun for goofing off. Check my “favorites” sometime, I have saved the ones I laughed loudest over (and the ones from Mack & B’s party). 🙂

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