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2 1/2

Malia pictureThe GMan is 2 1/2 today. It’s hard to believe that half of his year of being two is already gone. I mean, we just celebrated his two year birthday like yesterday, right? And he’s already changed so much in six months. He’s also really, really, really testing us right now. It’s maddening, challenging and even hilarious at times.

For instance, a couple of weeks ago he got a hold of JBelle’s homework and scribbled all over it (with pencil, thankfully). I fussed at him and I was trying to get him to understand which paper he can scribble on so I asked him, “What kind of paper can you draw on?” (The answer was supposed something along the lines of paper that we have given him to use.) Instead, he looks up at me with those big baby blues and innocently replies, “Blue?” I tried so hard to keep it together but I just couldn’t and I busted out laughing.

He wants so much to be a helper but he’s very much a hindrance with most tasks. We’ve been trying to plant a fruit and flower garden in the backyard and he loves to dig and play in the dirt while we work. Unfortunately, he often digs where he shouldn’t, walks were he shouldn’t and grabs tools that he shouldn’t have. I decided to indulge his desire to help yesterday by letting him “help” me make banana bread.

img_1196.jpgI measured out ingredients and he helped me pour them into the bowl. He was so proud and excited to be apart of the process!

Happy “1/2” Birthday to my little man!


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