Puppy love

Malia pictureA couple days ago, Brittney of Nashville is Talking featured a blog post at the Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association blog about two puppies who need a home. We’ve been casually looking (again) into getting a dog for a our family. I contacted Rob Robinson and last night we went to see the puppies. Of course we fell in love with them, who wouldn’t? The hard part was not deciding if we wanted one but which one! As much I would have liked to keep the siblings together, getting a dog a big deal and we need to take baby steps. So we settled on the female pup and brought her home last night.

She’s about 10 weeks old and will definitely be a medium-large dog. She has very odd coloring, lots of brown and black, some white on her chest and on her paws. What’s most unique about her are these blackish spots in various places. At first glance they look like burr scars or even worse, cigarette burns but they are really just spots on her fur.

Last night we kept her in the laundry room and already that has become her “place”. As happy as she was to see the kids this morning, when it got to be too much for she retreated to the laundry room and would not come out! She does seem a bit lonely and she follows me practically everywhere. She’s been whimpering and moaning some and she likes for me to hold her. I’m sure she misses her “pack”, it’ll take some time for her to become part of our “pack”.

Let’s see, what have I not told you? Name? You want to know her name? Well so do we! We have yet to determine what we will call her. Rob and his wife were calling her, “Fatty” since she was, at first, the largest pup of the litter. Yeah…we’re not going to keep that up. I’ll update when we’ve come to a decision.

Well, I’m sure there’s lots more to tell, but I now have to go and “gear up” our home with puppy accoutrements. More later. There are a couple of pictures up on Flicker. Oh boy…I think The GMan just “sampled” her dog food! Ewwww!



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13 responses to “Puppy love

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  2. I’m so happy for you guys!

    You know, you could always call her Ginny after Virginia Tech…

  3. oooh Ginny is cute!!

  4. Yay!
    Pea has had dogs her entire life and still tastes the dog food sometimes. No name suggestions other than I prefer people names for pets.

  5. When we adopted Thunder in Nashville (flying from Austin and driving him home from Nashville), we started calling him “Nashville Thunder.” It might be fun to name her after the place you found her. Sylvan. Sylvia. Silly Girl…

    Congratulations. I’m sure she’s happy to be home!!!

  6. Malia

    I think we’re leaning towards Ginny. I’ve got to run it by JBelle when she gets home. Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. michelle

    Ginny is cute. or if you think she is already answering to “Fatty” maybe you could call her something that rhymes like Patty or Matty or something like that but I like ginny alot!

  8. Malia

    I had the same thought, Michelle about finding a rhyming name, I even suggested Matty/ie. I don’t think she’s really responding to any name in particular so I feel we’ll do alright with “renaming” her. I’ve been basically calling her “Pooch” today 🙂

  9. Thanks for the update, Malia. I was hoping you might post about this. I’m glad to hear that she is beginning to adjust to her new home. Carrie and I are so delighted that you were able to adopt her, and I’m glad to know that the first night went OK.

    Not that I have any say whatsoever in the naming, but I agree that “Fatty” needs to be nixed. That was the one temporary name for the five pups we began with that I never really liked. I had begun resorting to referring to her as “Fatricia” just to call her something else. Plus, she definitely is no longer the largest of the group. That distinction belongs to High-Five. 🙂

    I love “Ginny.” That does sound cute. Up to now, she and the other pups answer to anything said in that special tone of voice we reserve for calling dogs. Any name is game at this point, I’m sure.

    We have named the two that we are keeping Layla (the little one) and Sonora (the one who has German Shepherd markings). Layla is after Layla Ali, the boxer, because she had to fight to survive a host of medical problems, including a nearly total blood transfusion at one point. Sonora is after the main character in one of our favorite movies, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, because she has a timid spirit but we know underneath she is full of live and adventure. It’s starting to spring forth more and more now. 🙂

  10. Er, that should be “life” in my last sentence. Btw, I agree about those spots looking really odd. We’ve been jokingly calling her a leopard. The weirdest part to me is that they’ve only begun appearing in the past week to 10 days, so who knows if they will stick around or blend into something else. 🙂

  11. Yea! Both our dogs are rescue dogs. So glad you have a new member in your family.

  12. Oh my gosh, I saw your new puppy pictures on your Flickr page and I am just MELTING!

    She is SO adorable!!

    It warms my heart when people love their doggies (I love mine so much)!

    Congrats on your new addition!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

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