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Question for ya

David pictureSo, hypothetically speaking, if a single male friend of yours asked you for some advice in a certain situation, what would you say? The situation is this: Said friend was approached by a long-time female friend who is a homosexual and is seeking male genetic material to produce a baby to raise with her long-time companion. They would also want him to be a male role model for the child.

For those that automatically object on moral grounds regarding homosexuality, then say this single male friend is approached by a married man and woman who are close friends but the man is sterile and completely incapable of contributing the appropriate genetic material.

I don’t want to take the homosexual issue completely off the table because I do think it is an issue to discuss for many people, just want to give an alternative scenario so everyone can play along.



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Friday Brain Drain

Malia picture

  • The Kat named our dog: So yes, Ginny it is! Good feedback from commenters about the name, JBelle liked it, David said it was fine, The GMan doesn’t know the difference!
  • The cool thing about Twitter: I saw that Shauna had twittered/tweated(?) about going to the zoo with Pea and had mentioned how (since I’m on the way to the zoo) it would be cool to stop by and meet our new pup. I called Shauna, she called back said the zoo was crazy with people so I invited them over for an impromptu play-date. They got to “meet” Ginny (who was resting on her bed since she got a shot this morning) and The GMan and Pea got some good “share” training in! Lunch at Jersey Mike’s then the rain altered our plans to play at the park…oh well, maybe next time!
  • I got to drink my Pink Martini and listen to them, too: David and I went to Schermerhorn Symphony Center last night to hear Pink Martini live and in concert. We “discovered” Pink Martini several years ago during the one and only symphony season for which we had season tickets. We had a Pops series of tickets so we got to experience a range of musical styles. One of the last performances of the season was by Pink Martini, we’d never heard of them before but we were so impressed with their talents and their music. Last July when we decided to purchase some tickets for the ’06-’07 symphony season we were delighted to see Pink Martini on the Pops schedule. Who is Pink Martini? I’ll let them explain, from their website:

“Pink Martini is like a romantic Hollywood musical of the 1940s or 50s – but with a global perspective which is modern,” says founder and artistic director Thomas M. Lauderdale. “We bring melodies and rhythms from different parts of the world together to create something which is new and beautiful.”

  • Lockdown update: Honestly, I had my suspicions regarding the lockdown at JBelle’s school last week from the very beginning. But since I always try to take seriously everything my own child tells me, I didn’t want to make assumptions or allegations regarding the incident or the child involved, so I kept my mouth shut. Last Sunday night, we were hangin’ with some friends at Sonic and one of our friends, who teaches at an elementary school in Nashville, had an insider’s view of what happened. His school, because it is in a 5 mile (? – I think that was the distance) radius of JBelle’s school also went into lockdown due to its proximity. He said that they were later notified by e-mail (that same day) that the whole thing was unfounded and there was never an intruder in the building or on the school campus. Monday or Tuesday night of this week, we received a recorded phone message from the school’s principal confirming what our friend had told us. It’s still good to know that the school was on top of things and sought help from the police and were mindful of our children’s safety regardless of the validity of the student’s claim. I still won’t say what I think really happened, that’s between the child, the school administrators and his parents.


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