Self Government

David pictureI am one of those crazy people that think the 10th Amendment means what it says, powers not granted to the federal government are retained by the people. Those rights that are expressed in the COTUS are presented as a means of emphasizing the people’s retained right to self-government. So, if it is not expressly, positively granted to the federal government, it is out of bounds for the feds to touch (interstate commerce clause interpretation included). All of those rights we fight over (free speech, guns, protection from unlawful search, etc, etc) have as a presupposition the ability of the people to self-govern.

Self-government does not mean democracy or a representative republic, it means the ability of each individual to have a sense of lawfulness, a modicum of knowing right from wrong, of working things out between individuals without the interference of or the need to petition government to resolve grievances.

I have come to a point where I will either wholeheartedly support the cause of Libertarianism to supplant the tyranny that is our current government structure built to perpetuate itself by bureaucratic fiat or abandon political pursuits altogether after reaching the conclusion that the people in this country have lost their ability to self-govern. I am leaning toward the latter.

It is my opinion that without the ability of self government, the rights of the people don’t matter, no matter how well stated or broadly defined in COTUS. And if rights don’t matter, our supposed form of government is a sham and should be called so.

Does anyone out there truly believe that the vast majority of American people are capable of self government? Is it time to admit that the grand experiment is a failure and what we have now is a hollow echo of what might have been? If that is the case, I’m fine with it. I just want to be able to call a spade a spade.

On the other hand, if the American people just need to wake up to see that our current bureaucratic system is choking self government, then I want to be there to help pull those fingers off our collective throats.


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3 responses to “Self Government

  1. Jay

    People don’t want freedom. They want taken care of. They want services provided and paid for by others. We have figured out how to vote ourselves other people’s money, and I don’t see it ending until the people making the money revolt or leave.

    Bread and circuses.

  2. Sidewinder16

    That seems like an awfully broad brush to paint with, at least from my experience. I don’t doubt there are those out there that feel entitled to having government take care of them (and that there are many of them), but I honestly wonder whether it’s anywhere near a majority. I really don’t feel like I have an accurate gauge as to what the numbers actually are, so my perception could be wrong. I would just be awfully surprised if it was. Again, it could just be my experience and environment (and/or my naivete).

    My nature really, truly wants to believe that, in general, “the vast majority of American people are capable of self government”. I think nearly every human being has the capability. Many of those humans may need some teaching and/or some re- and un-learning of some things to get there from where they are now, though.

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