Flashback Friday Saturday*

Malia pictureLast month after the tragedy at Virginia Tech, I went looking for some pictures of David and I while we were students there. Oddly enough, I didn’t find very many but the memories came flooding back just the same. Virginia Tech (and the Blacksburg community) is a special place. I imagine that many of us have a place from our pasts that is unlike any other place we’ve ever known. They are the places that no matter how much changes, will always feel like home. They are places that no matter how long you are away from them, will always welcome you back with open arms and memories. So it is with us and Virginia Tech.

The weekend before that fateful day in Blacksburg, I had returned to Virginia Tech for a reunion. The sorority I was involved was having a 40th anniversary celebration (it’s the oldest women’s organization on campus). I had planned on walking the campus and visiting old haunts but it was a cold and rainy weekend so I settled for a drive around campus and the town. I marveled at all the new buildings, admired the additions to Lane Stadium, was caught by surprise by a new traffic pattern on Washington Street and looked longingly at a new corner Starbucks on Main Street (wish that had been there when I was!) I also saw so many things that were exactly the same. The signs in front of the residence halls and campus buildings, the signs that designated parking areas, “The Cage” where on-campus residents parked their cars, Squires Student Center (for the most part, though there have been some internal changes), all the “old” academic buildings and even the Blacksburg Transit (BT) buses.

It was so nice to be back and the only thing that could have made it better was if David had been with me. There were numerous times when I wanted to point something out or remark about a new or old site and yet, I was alone. When I got home, I told David about it all and what it was like but that it wasn’t the same without him because Virginia Tech is “our place” My entire time in Blacksburg includes David.

Okay, enough all that…the real reason for the post is to give you a glimpse into our distant past. These photos were taken my freshman year at Virginia Tech and are taken in my residence hall, Lee Hall.

This first one is before a dance, I believe it was Homecoming. David and I went to the dance with two other “couples” (one of the couples was a dating couple and the other were just friends going to the dance together). All of us had gone to high school together. I was the only freshman in the group. The guy in the middle (Jared) actually attended James Madison University and had come down to Tech for the weekend to be with his girl (Jodi). The girl with the puffy white sleeves (Melanie) and I were in Chi Delta Alpha together.
And here’s one of just David and I.
This one was taken in the spring semester, in my dorm room. Tanya was visiting Blacksburg Jonathan for a weekend and she snapped this picture of us.

So there’s a little stroll down memory lane. Do you have any special places like that from your past. Where you went to college? Where you vacationed with family as a child? Let us know!

*Flashback Friday is a feature from a new blog I’ve been reading (and enjoying!) called ‘Twas Brillig. I started this post yesterday but…you know…life gets in the way of finishing blog posts!


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6 responses to “Flashback Friday Saturday*

  1. mom

    It’s easy to see who’s aged/matured (uh, David). Possibly, it’s just the facial hair that gives David his current “mature” appearance . . . yes – that’s it – I’m sure. That little red haired girl looks just as young now as she did then.
    Who agrees with me???
    Loved the trip down memory lane. Miss you all SO MUCH. See you next week!!!

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  3. I agree with Mom! haha. Thanks for the linky love! And I simply ADORE these pictures. I’m sure you were considered VERY sassy. ;-D

    (And, WHAT??? Do you mean to say that something in your life was more important than BLOGGING? *Brillig is shocked and dismayed and a bit disillusioned*)

  4. Sheryl

    Ah, the memories!! I agree with mom too, you are the same wonderfully, lovely red-head that I adored way back when. It’s always the guys that age. 🙂
    Miss ya!!

  5. Malia

    I’ll just say in defense of my husband, I think he’s “aged” fabuously! I love the facial hair (as long as he has more than I do!) and I honestly thought he’d have less hair now than he does. When he keeps his hair longer and I can run my fingers through it and play with the curls, that makes me very happy.

    We both look so very young (and we were, still teenagers in those pics). It seems my hair is back to being as long as it was then. Unfortunately, it’s lost a lot of it’s curl and volume. So basically, I’m getting hair where I don’t want it and losing it where I do want it. Life is so cruel!

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