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Weather Dunce

I am clueless about the whys and hows of weather. Fortunately, I married a weather “nerd” who is kind and patient enough to explain things to me. Sometimes, I even get graphics!


This is a drawing done on our back porch (using sidewalk chalk) of the Bermuda High syndrome.

Let’s see if I learned anything…there’s an area of high pressure that sits in the Atlantic ocean over Bermuda (Bermuda is that “dot” by the big “H”). The high pressure area turns clockwise. When storms (low pressure areas) head our direction, they are turning counter clockwise. When the low pressure area meets the Bermuda High pressure area, the low pressure area sort of “bounces off” the high pressure and moves over it sending storms (rain) above us, to the north and east. So areas like Missouri (the “box” next to the big “L”) get lots of rain and lots of flooding, while we get nothin’.

(Yes, that’s my toe, somewhere down near Honduras…I think. I’m also really bad with geography!)

Update: I e-mailed this graphic to the News2 weather blog, Nashville WX, last night. That cutie patootie, Justin Bruce, put it up on a post over there today!


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