A Sad Day For Nashville

Malia pictureThe girl with the job that a million bloggers would kill for resigned today. And without Brittney, we don’t know what the future of Nashville is Talking will be. I can’t really explain why that is. If you’re part of the “community” you understand what I mean but for those of you not involved with the NiT community, suffice to say there’s been a lot of drama the past several weeks. But I wanted to take a moment to say what Nashville is Talking has meant to me.

On April 19, 2005, I started my own blog and a few months later, I started noticing some commercials for Nashville is Talking and some links to/references to Nashville is Talking on blogs that I read. I decided to check it out and as I am prone to do, I lurked for awhile, getting a feel for how things worked, who everyone was, etc before testing the waters and actually, you know…commenting. And once I did start commenting things started to get really interesting. A post of mine was eventually linked to and I was “blogrolled”, i.e. added to the aggregator. Over time, I started to “meet” other bloggers online by reading their blogs, commenting, e-mailing, etc. Badbadivy and I were “introduced” when I railed on her about a check-writing post she put up that Brittney linked to.

I saw amazing things happen at Nashville is Talking. I saw pets get adopted out. I saw an online community come together to defend one of their own (that was pre-JL Kirk incident). I saw conservative/liberal bloggers debate each other but still be civil and friendly. Then in March of 2006, I attended by first blogger meet-up at a little coffee shop in Smyrna. I met the infamous Badbadivy, Aunt B., Brittney, Big Orange Michael, as well as others. And I felt so welcome and so well…at home!

Over the almost two years that I’ve been apart of the Nashville is Talking community, Nashville has been opened up to me. Before NiT, pretty much the only people I knew in Nashville were my family and the people I went to church with. It was pathetic. Now I have friends from Murfreesboro to Hendersonville. And it didn’t stop with Middle Tennessee! I know bloggers in West Tennessee and I read blogs written by people living on the eastern side of state, too. In many ways, the NiT community has become an extended family for me. It’s a community that really gets what “community” is all about and I’m proud to be apart of it.

Brittney, thank you. Thank you for being willing to step out on a limb and do a job that no one had ever done before. You did your job very well! I’m sad to see you go and as much as I’d like to beg you to stay, I know you’re already happier than you have been in quite awhile! You will be missed but I know we haven’t “seen” the last of you. You are talented and beautiful and intelligent and someone, somewhere will be very fortunate to have you work for them!


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5 responses to “A Sad Day For Nashville

  1. amen. I hope she’s celebrating her butt off right now.

  2. Amen, amen. I’m only beginning to have a similar experience to yours, Malia, and I feel really gypped that Brittney’s leaving so soon after I started reading and writing. I’d do the same thing, though, and I wish her the best.

  3. Malia

    I feel very strongly that if those of us who have found community at NiT want that community to stay, then we’ll have to make sure of it. While the website’s future may be uncertain, we can all still support it while it’s there and still keep in contact with each other “the old way”, ya know reading each other blogs, commenting, e-mailing, get togethers, etc. 😉

    Brittney & NiT may have been what brought us all together but I feel certain that she doesn’t have to be the glue that holds us together. So don’t feel too gypped, stay in it with us and I think you’ll find yourself in a very special community of people!

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  5. Has anyone suggested a farewell party? Would she want one? Something tells me no, but maybe we need a gathering sometime soon just to get this blogging community together in the wake of big change.

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