Smurfs – the Movie

180px-opus_blue.jpg  There is a movie that needs to come out soon given all the retro movies in recent years.  Wouldn’t you just love to see some live action Smurf movie?  Gargamel could be played by John Lithgow, Smurfette by Jessica Simpson, Jude Law as Brainy Smurf, and Will Ferrell as Papa Smurf.  Oh what fun and adventures we could have watching that ensemble in a trilogy culminating in the Smurfs finally defeating that dirty Gargamel.

This is an idea I had last night laying in bed thinking I was being all funny and stuff in making up something so absurd to make Malia laugh.  Then I did a search for some relevant material to make it funnier for the blog post only to find this.  It is truly the sign of the apocalypse when my twisted absurd brain thinks up funny stuff that other people are actually considering in a serious manner.  AAAAHHHH!!!  I even said JOHN LITHGOW in the movie and there he is rumored to be involved in the film!  SERIOUS CREEPY!!!


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2 responses to “Smurfs – the Movie

  1. diana

    There could be another explanation for your “insight”. Possibly you have fallen victim to a yet to be diagnosed case of SNSS (Sleep NetSurfing Syndrome). It usually occurs while one who is engaged in sleepwalking interrups his walk to sit down at a computer and begin to surf the net.
    This is certainly not a complete explanation for anywhere near all the stuff which comes from your “twisted absurd brain”.
    And … this is one of the many reasons we love you!

  2. totally cool! I’d love to see Will Farrell as Papa Smurf. Superb casting skills you have there – you should go work for Hollywood – I have found your hidden calling. 🙂

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