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180px-opus_blue.jpg  I played in a Cornhole tournament Saturday night.  I had never even heard of the game before last Wednesday when we went to my brother’s house for 4th of July festivities.  He and his wife hosted the tournament on Saturday and had a cornhole set all ready for play July 4th. 

The rules and set-up are simple.  Two 2ft by 4ft wood ramps each with a 6-inch hole placed about 30 feet apart.  You score by landing a cornbag (of which you have four) on the ramp for one point or in the hole for three points.  It is sort of in the vein of horseshoes or curling or shuffleboard.

It is a pretty fun summertime game for all ages.  However, the tournament Saturday night was cutthroat and not for the faint of heart.  It was a double elimination tournament with 16 teams of two that traveled from places as far away as Iowa, Georgia, and Ohio.  Little did I know when introduced to the game on Wednesday that my brother and I would play the Grand Cornhole Champion in the first round.  We hung tough but still lost 21-18.  We won two other games but then lost as we progressed through the loser’s bracket.  Finally, after four hours of Cornhole on the three separate fields, a new champion was crowned…complete with trophy and presentation ceremony.   

So, if you’re bored and looking for something fun to do, play some cornhole.  I even know of a set for sale. 


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