Malia pictureEvery couple of months, or so, I get PMS that really Kicks. My. Hiney. I’m in it deep right now and I’m so very cranky. And nothing really helps either. And I really should keep my mouth shut when I’m feeling like this because I usually end up saying something I regret later. (Happened yesterday, happened Saturday, pretty sure it happened Friday, too.) I’ve started and discarded about half a dozen posts because I either couldn’t find the right words to express my thoughts or I thought better of hitting that “Publish” button when I finished writing.

And what really annoys me is that a lot of interesting stuff has been happening in my little corner of the blogosphere (yes, I said blogosphere, now hush) over the past several days and about all I can do is watch. I’m too distracted to keep up with all the conversations. I’m too cranky to write anything.

I’m gonna lie low for a couple more days until this ends. Please! Let it end!


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7 responses to “Cranky

  1. Sorry you’re feeling hormonally challenged. Sucks, doesn’t it. BTW I live the term blogosphere. Even if it isn’t trendy.

    Fell better soon! 🙂 Cyberhugs.

  2. Sing it sister!! I too have been battling the PMS monster and some other things. It is funny you posted this because I posted something a little similar yesterday.

    Hang in there!!

  3. I’d love to hear D’s take on this issue. 🙂

  4. I think you deserve a glass of wine at lunch today! 😉

  5. Oh man. I feel ya’. I’m currently on the pill (due to endiometriosis symptoms not necessarily to prevent childbirth, if anyone cares – lol) and that pretty much takes care of all the pms symptoms – a MAJOR plus to being on the pill (or so Andy thinks – ha!). 🙂

  6. ya know…you don’t have to suffer…there is meds for such things! sometimes…meds are good…real good!

  7. callinghimout

    I feel for you. It truly bites! Hope you are feeling better now.

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