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Advise Me

Malia pictureI use Firefox as my primary Internet browser. I became a big fan of Firefox while I was still on Blogger. Since Firefox and Blogger are both Google products, they complimented each other nicely and made my blogging experience at Blogger tolerable. But even then, I still mainly used Internet Explorer until I decided to upgrade to IE7. Big mistake. Actually, at first the upgrade had seemed to go smoothly until one day, several days later, I tried to access my e-mail account. It wouldn’t let me in. Turns out IE7 wouldn’t let me into any of my passworded sights. And so Firefox became my new best friend.

A few weeks ago I saw somewhere (I just can’t remember where!) a nifty new feature for Firefox that allows you to color code your open tabs. That kind of thing is right up my alley! I went to download this nifty feature but stopped when the system requirements revealed that one had to be using Firefox 2 to get said nifty feature. ::sigh::

And now every 12 hours or so, I get a Software Update box telling me that a new version of Firefox is available and that, “It’s everything you already love about Firefox, only better.” I keep hitting the “Later” option. What do you think? Should I hit the “Never” option or the “Get the new version” option?


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