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Malia pictureI use Firefox as my primary Internet browser. I became a big fan of Firefox while I was still on Blogger. Since Firefox and Blogger are both Google products, they complimented each other nicely and made my blogging experience at Blogger tolerable. But even then, I still mainly used Internet Explorer until I decided to upgrade to IE7. Big mistake. Actually, at first the upgrade had seemed to go smoothly until one day, several days later, I tried to access my e-mail account. It wouldn’t let me in. Turns out IE7 wouldn’t let me into any of my passworded sights. And so Firefox became my new best friend.

A few weeks ago I saw somewhere (I just can’t remember where!) a nifty new feature for Firefox that allows you to color code your open tabs. That kind of thing is right up my alley! I went to download this nifty feature but stopped when the system requirements revealed that one had to be using Firefox 2 to get said nifty feature. ::sigh::

And now every 12 hours or so, I get a Software Update box telling me that a new version of Firefox is available and that, “It’s everything you already love about Firefox, only better.” I keep hitting the “Later” option. What do you think? Should I hit the “Never” option or the “Get the new version” option?



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  1. Bob

    Malia, take the plunge! Mozilla has done a superb job with their browser. I don’t use IE7 for anything, except for the occasion site that doesn’t mix with Firefox, but those are few and far between. I have v. (are you impressed by the number of zeros between the 2 and the 4?). Why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your new best friend? Best Friend version 2 is just peachy.

    Google also has a new feature on their toolbar for bookmarks for Firefox that stays online rather than on your computer so if you go to someone else’s computer all you have to do is log on to Google and you can have all your bookmarks.

    You can also get a flash drive (San Disk’s Micro Cruzer for example) with U3 software you can put on the flash drive so that wherever you go you can use the software. Mozilla created a smaller version of Firefox to go on the flash drive that has U3 technology. It’s really cool. You can take the flash drive to the library and use it on their computers so you would have Firefox wherever you go.

    Does this help?

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