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Clarification on Authorship

David picture  We thought we were being all clever with having pictures at the beginning of posts letting everyone know who wrote the post, you know, kind of like an avatar on  message board.  However, there have been several cases of mistaken identity over the last several weeks.  I am guessing that my change of avatar may have contributed to that (I was Opus for those that wanted to know) so I am going to change back to the picture of me.  So, when you see:

David picture I (DB – David) wrote it.  When you see:

Malia picture  Malia wrote it.

Any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions on how to make that any less confusing, we would appreciate it.  In addition, right under the post it will say “by DB” or “by Malia” in the tag line.

We now take you back to the cute children and politcal/religious ranting.

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