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When I Grow Up

Malia pictureAbout the only thing I really aspired to be when I grew up was a wife and mother. Now that I’m there, it’s not that I don’t love these roles or regret them, I’ve just finally realized that I want a little bit more out of life. I went to college and somewhere along the way decided that marriage counseling would be right up my ally. And while that dream is still quite firmly lodged in my head, there are some other professions I would so love to take a stab at. If only I had enough lifetimes to get to them!

Clothing Designer: The real reason I don’t enjoy clothes shopping is that I know I will not find what I’m looking for in the shoppes I frequent. I have the ideal outfit in my head but no one out there makes it. Alas, I have no mad sewing skillz and no mad art skillz (meaning I can’t draw on a piece of paper what’s in my head). I think what I need is a creative partner.

Chef: I love trying new recipes and there’s a part of me that would really like to create and serve faboo and kid friendly recipes to my family (and then to the world!) The thing is I freeze up in the kitchen. I’m so fearful of messing up and wasting good food and ingredients that I tend to stick with the basics and the handful of recipes I’m good at. I’ve daydreamed of spending the entire day in the kitchen coming up with the perfect dessert recipe, trying dozens of times until I get it just right. There’s just two things missing that make that daydream fizzle, no unlimited supply of ingredients and no magic wand to clean up the mess that will be made! 

Gardener: Here is where the daydreams really get fantastical. The reason is I so love the idea of gardening but I’m utterly useless in the garden. I fancy myself able to create a beautiful herb and flower garden and that I would wake in the early morning hours and tend to it, lovingly weeding it, watering it, fertilizing it. I imagine myself trolling nurseries looking for the perfect plants and seeds. I see myself picking fresh herbs for my latest culinary delight. My table displays a vase of roses and lilies from own backyard. And then… I wake up. But oh, to be a gardener!

Chiropractor: I toyed with this one several years ago but what ulitmately made me decide not to pursue it was the lack of schooling options in the area. I think the closest one is in Atlanta, though that may have changed over the years. I used to go to a chiropractor on a regular basis. I heart chiropractors! I haven’t been in years but lately I’ve really wanted/needed to get back in the habit of going. Which also resurrected my former daydream of becoming one and working out of my home.

See what I mean? I’m a mess! What path should I take? Which siren song should I follow? Well, for now it’s motherhood. Because it’s 9:45 am and the kids are not dressed yet (in clothes from Target or consignment finds not handsmocked creations), haven’t eaten breakfast (it’ll be Eggo waffles or cereal, not omelets), the dog has dug up the garden and my aching back will just have to do with Aleve for yet another day!

What’s your daydream profession? What do you want to be when you grow up?


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