Before It’s Too Late

Malia picture

Before I become too jaded and believe that they are hopeless,
beyond repair.
Let me offer a chance for choice,
a glimpse at something better.

Before I become too cynical and say my efforts will be wasted,
used for vice.
Let me recall my own rescue and not deny the same
for another.

Before I forget they are your children too,
loved and cherished.
Let me love them as you do, without condition,
without fear.

Inspired by discussion in Sunday morning Bible class, August 5, 2007.



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4 responses to “Before It’s Too Late

  1. mary alice

    Beautiful, Malia. I was in that class too and still find myself thinking about the things that were said, and what I and my family can do to make a difference. As cliche’ as it sounds, I truly believe that love is a large part of the answer.

    I’ve been a lurker here for a LONG time and always appreciate what you have to say!

    Mary Alice Duncan

  2. So, what was the class about?

  3. Malia

    Mary Alice – Thanks so much!!

    Phil – It was about the criminal justice process in America. Discussion centered around its weaknesses, the vicious cycles of poverty & abuse & crime, the Christian response to it, etc.

  4. Great lesson from the Bible and very applicable to life today. Thanks. I don’t get to church as often as I should but I try to take a Christian attiude with me all the time.

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