Summer Days Are Gone Too Soon (Part 1)

Malia pictureIt’s hot here in Middle Tennessee. I mean really hot. Our cutie patootie weather people rarely warn us that we’ll see triple digit temperatures, thrice or more in one week!


Kind of makes you long for fall doesn’t it? Or does it?

Usually at this point in the summer I’m all about wishing that autumn would hurry up and make an appearance. And then as autumn wanes and the leaves aren’t so pretty anymore and the smell of turkey is wafting in the air, I’m all about wishing that winter would get it’s cold on so that I can hunker down with a mug of cocoa and good book. But then winter grays linger and we don’t see sunlight for days and days and I’m all about looking for every indication that spring will spring up real quick like. Spring fades fairly quickly around here, school lets out in May and I have the whole summer looming ahead of me with all sorts of plans and pool days and trips to take. That’s been a fairly consistent pattern for me for the last several years.

Yet this summer I find myself in an oddly different place. Even though I’m not a fan of the heat, I’m actually wanting to savor this. To hold it for a moment longer before summer turns into fall and fall into winter and winter in spring. This season must finish and fade before I can truly be ready for the next one.



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5 responses to “Summer Days Are Gone Too Soon (Part 1)

  1. Heat=craptastic for me. I am sweating just LOOKING at those numbers!

  2. Sheryl Root

    boo-hoo! whaaa!!!! That’s a normal summer for us here in sunny CA. Although, we don’t have the humidy you all do, so I don’t complain much. We actually have cool temps this week, getting back up to 100s next Monday. The summer is winding down quickly. Can’t believe its August already… then September… then October… then NOVEMBER! Yikes!! Where has the time gone. 🙂

    I also love the Fall. The brisk air…the colors changing. I probably won’t have time for a book, but that cocoa idea sounds REALLY GOOD!!

  3. Has JBelle started school? My niece in Pegram started today!

  4. I wished for fall yesterday as I chaperoned teens to a favorite local amusement park in the 111 with humidity heat yesterday.

    I am ready for fall…i hate the heat!

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