Summer Days Are Gone Too Soon (Part 2)

Malia pictureI know that part of the reason I want to savor summer, too hold it a little closer and not wish it away has to do with school starting. My split personality is really warring over this. On the one hand, I’m glad school is starting up again. JBelle is an exhausting child! She thrives on structure and consistency and plans. But bless her heart she has a mother that just doesn’t know how to offer all of that! Everyday she asks (at least a dozen times!), “What are going to do today?” When we leave the pool in the afternoons she asks, “What are going to do when we get home?” At night when I’m putting her to bed she asks, “What are we going to do tomorrow?” And pretty much all I can answer her with is, “I’m sorry sweetie, I just don’t know.” On the other hand, there’s so much left of summer and so much we didn’t get around to doing. The GMan has really come to rely on his sisters’ presence this summer, he’ll be lost without her when it’s back to just me and him during the days. I’ve pretty much been on summer vacation, too. Sleeping in (as much as The GMan will let me!), lazy mornings, pool days, lots and lots of book reading, etc. I’ve not kept up well with “house stuff” and I’ve procrastinated on starting the mental list of house centered projects I want to accomplish.

Some things that I will savor from the Summer of 2007:

Pool days
Library days
Camp Manatawny trip
Fourth of July
More pool days
Trip to visit Granny & Pa in Florida
Wave Country
Go Go Jonah! (the play JBelle is participating in with the Children’s Ministry at church)
Having DB around the house so much since he’s currently working from home

One last thing, I want to record this “first” somewhere and share it, too. In the evenings, when we sit down together as a family for dinner, we always start with a prayer. DB, JBelle and myself rotate each meal with whose “turn” it is to say the prayer. Last night as we extended our hands towards each other and DB asked whose turn it was, The GMan said, “My turn!” So we all bowed our heads and he started, “Dear God, thank you for mumble, mumble, mumble, something about Daddy, something about Mommy, something about JBelle, mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble. Amen!” My baby’s first prayer! It was such a sweet & precious moment.



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4 responses to “Summer Days Are Gone Too Soon (Part 2)

  1. I LOVE that prayer!

    Sounds like ya’ll have a had a great summer–and you have come up with some really fun things to do!

  2. diana

    Granny is all teared up for sure …. 🙂

  3. I hear you on the summer thing. Mixed emotions here as well. I love the lazy days of summer… LOVE them… but I also get so much more done during the school year (and enjoy the peace and quiet, admittedly). But why oh why can’t school start LATER in the day? Don’t they realize we are NOT all morning people? 🙂

  4. I know what you mean. *sigh* I will miss having Gracie around all day but I know how she thrives in that school setting and I look forward to seeing all she will learn in 2nd grade. Frankly, she’s been a little scatterbrained lately too (LOL) so it’s high time she get back to school! She is looking forward to it!

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