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First Day of 2nd Grade


Here’s JBelle all ready for her first day of school, decked out in her SSA* approved clothing. (aargh!) We actually had an unpleasant surprise this morning when she started getting dressed. The shorts she went to put on are too big. I’m a bit baffled by this. When we were getting these clothes for her, she tried on the size I believed would fit her but in fact turned out to be a bit too small. There was a 1/2 or “+” size available in that size so I assumed (rather incorrectly it seems) that the 1/2 or “+” size would fit since the regular size did not. Turns out the 1/2 size is entirely too big! And I don’t think I have my receipt. (I hoping it’s around here…somewhere!) Here I was thinking we were all set for starting school and now I have to do more clothes shopping. Grrrr! Thankfully this skort fit and she has and jumper and another skirt as well.


Here’s JBelle sitting at her desk in her 2nd Grade room!! She looks so grown-up! (And so tan!) Her teacher seems very nice. She’s a bit younger than we expected but that’s ok. JBelle knows four students in her class already. Two from her class last year, one from church and one she rides the bus with.

So were off to a pretty good start. I was not weepy or emotional, just excited for her. The summer has flown so quickly but at least I know she’s in a good place with friends and teachers and administrators who really care about the students.

The GMan was quite distraught as we left the school building this morning. He kept saying, “I want JBelle! I want JBelle!” And he’s had some difficulty this morning at the house without her around. But Sesame Street just started so for at least an hour, he’s world will be normal!

It’s sinking in…we have a second grader!!

*Standard School Attire – personally, I’m not a fan but since JBelle hasn’t put up much of a fuss over it (yet, I think after a few weeks of wearing the same stuff she may want to rebel) I’m trying to have a better attitude about it!


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