First Day of 2nd Grade


Here’s JBelle all ready for her first day of school, decked out in her SSA* approved clothing. (aargh!) We actually had an unpleasant surprise this morning when she started getting dressed. The shorts she went to put on are too big. I’m a bit baffled by this. When we were getting these clothes for her, she tried on the size I believed would fit her but in fact turned out to be a bit too small. There was a 1/2 or “+” size available in that size so I assumed (rather incorrectly it seems) that the 1/2 or “+” size would fit since the regular size did not. Turns out the 1/2 size is entirely too big! And I don’t think I have my receipt. (I hoping it’s around here…somewhere!) Here I was thinking we were all set for starting school and now I have to do more clothes shopping. Grrrr! Thankfully this skort fit and she has and jumper and another skirt as well.


Here’s JBelle sitting at her desk in her 2nd Grade room!! She looks so grown-up! (And so tan!) Her teacher seems very nice. She’s a bit younger than we expected but that’s ok. JBelle knows four students in her class already. Two from her class last year, one from church and one she rides the bus with.

So were off to a pretty good start. I was not weepy or emotional, just excited for her. The summer has flown so quickly but at least I know she’s in a good place with friends and teachers and administrators who really care about the students.

The GMan was quite distraught as we left the school building this morning. He kept saying, “I want JBelle! I want JBelle!” And he’s had some difficulty this morning at the house without her around. But Sesame Street just started so for at least an hour, he’s world will be normal!

It’s sinking in…we have a second grader!!

*Standard School Attire – personally, I’m not a fan but since JBelle hasn’t put up much of a fuss over it (yet, I think after a few weeks of wearing the same stuff she may want to rebel) I’m trying to have a better attitude about it!


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17 responses to “First Day of 2nd Grade

  1. Lesley

    I wonder what the prevailing thought from parents is regarding the uniforms. If I had kids, it would drive me nuts. Then again, I know that kids don’t like to be “different” so I suppose that’s why they’re mostly okay with it.

    And this may seem a little out there, but when I heard that schools could pick their own specific colors, that made me think that it’s very gang-like. You know, to be able to tell where you go to school (ie, what group you’re with) by the color of your shirt. Seems like a bad idea.

  2. You know, I think it’s a lot harder for parents of girls to like SSA than for parents of boys. The girls have to give up so many cute outfits!

    I did see a lot of wild hair bows in compensation, though.

  3. Malia

    Lesley, I can see what your saying about the school specific colors but believe me, there’s a lot of overlap! Many of the schools chose similar sets of colors. Our “school approved” colors are pink, yellow, red & green. We know kids at other schools who have some of those same color choices. But apparently there were some high schools that didn’t choose extra colors or only chose one or two additional colors. I really feel for those kids!

    Meredith – First, thanks for stopping by! Second, my two main problems with SSA were choices and cost. My daughter is very creative in the way she chooses her clothing. I learned early on with her that she has her own unique style and expresses herself through her clothing. It pains me that that part of her is restricted with SSA. I’m hoping she’ll find creative ways to express herself through accessories, as well! Also, she’s not (for the time being) picky about where her clothes come from and for the past couple of year the majority of her clothes have been hand-me downs or consignment sale finds. This also fit very well with our family’s “reduce, reuse, recycle” mentality. So having to purchase the majority of her stuff brand new this year was also disheartening for me.

  4. love Love LOVE the shoes! (they look a lot like mine…)
    she obviously has good taste.

  5. i also want to say that i LOVE her shoes! where did they come from?

    congrats to JBelle for starting the 2nd grade!! and to Mommy for surviving! 🙂

  6. Lisa

    I love her shoes too! Are those Skechers? I don’t have to deal with SSA, so I probably shouldn’t say anything about it. 🙂 I think it probably would be easier for boys than girls, though one of my boys really enjoys picking out his own clothes too, so … I don’t know. I feel for you having to buy all those new clothes! JBelle looks great! She’s so pretty!

  7. Malia

    Inquiring minds want to know about the shoes 🙂

    They’re from Payless (or course)! (I think the “brand” is Champion) JBelle’s Granny bought them for her while we were visiting in Florida.

    The only thing SSA says about shoes is and I quote, “Footwear must be worn at all times. Laces on shoes or sneakers must be tied. No house shoes are allowed.” As restrictive as they are about the clothing, footwear allowances seem to be quite lenient! We do know that JBelle’s school as has requested no flip-flops and no “Crocs” like shoes.

  8. Tanya

    How fun to have a 2nd grader! I love 2nd grade – such a fun year. Our school starts on the 22nd.

    Happy school year to you!

  9. I didn’t realize she would have a “uniform.” I’m not sure I’d like that. I shouldn’t say much in case I jinx something and find out we’re getting a new rule, too!

    I don’t think my niece (in Pegram) has that, but I’m not sure.

    JBelle-“uniform” or not-looks really nice for this first day of 2nd grade! So grown up! I’m glad you’re happy with her teacher, etc.

    Gracie will start on the 20th. One more week-we meet the teacher this Wednesday!

  10. I remember when you were dragging her around camp. My, how we change over time. We didn’t have to deal with SSA when our kids were in school. When I was in school we had a dress code but no uniform. I suppose if most schools had kept a strict dress code instead of dropping it and allowing the kids to wear what they want, then we might not need a uniform today. Hope she enjoys school and doesn’t long for the good old days when SSA wasn’t the rule.

  11. Tracy

    As a parent, I LOVE school uniforms. Everybody where’s the same thing and there’s no worrying about who has the better or “cooler” clothing.
    I wish we had them here.

    Happy 2nd grade!

  12. She looks so cute! We did khaki and pink today, too. 😉

    So far no grumblings from us, but it has helped immensely that we are starting out with the standard school attire in kindergarten. So far I am loving it and she hasn’t minded (but again, we are starting out this way). I have found it to be cheaper and easier than shopping for a bunch of “cool” outfits! 😉

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  14. Malia

    Pegram is in Cheatham County and from what I can tell, has not gone SSA.

  15. I *love* school uniforms! And all the kids look so cute and clean and spiffy!

  16. I wish my kids wore those. I would absolutely love it.

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