If The Divine Comedy Were Written Today…

Malia picture…I’m sure Dante would have included Wal-Mart in one of the nine circles of Hell or the seven terraces of Purgatory. I just can’t decide if it would be better placed in the fourth circle or the fifth terrace. Maybe both.

I really have a love/hate relationship with that place. I do like the lower prices, I mean who wouldn’t? I do like that if I need to get milk and toothpaste and shin guards, there is a place that can accommodate that so that I don’t have to make two or possibly three stops. The thing is, everyone else likes this about Wal-Mart too. So when we headed out to the brand-spanking new Super Wally World, that’s like a mile from our house (and that so far, I have avoided), to get a few last school supplies and more SSA approved clothing*, we did so with the rest of south Davidson County needing a few last school supplies and more SSA approved clothing. The entire store was virtually empty except for two areas, you guessed it, school supplies and kids clothing. And they had a lot of everything…that we didn’t need.

Want to know what we came home with?

Construction paper.

Today the quest will continue at the only other place that can rival Wal-Mart’s status in Hell or Purgatory.

The mall.

Wish us luck.

*Have I mentioned that if it were not for SSA, I wouldn’t have had to buy any clothing to get JBelle started for school? No? Well, it’s true. (mutters under her breath, “trying not to be bitter, must have better attitude…”)



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13 responses to “If The Divine Comedy Were Written Today…

  1. We call WalMart “the valley of the shadow of death”.

  2. I know. We even resorted to Walmart for a few shirts, which at $4.50 apiece were only a dollar cheaper than the pilled Goodwill version.

  3. I truly dislike Walmart. All of them. There is one 3 blocks from my house and I shop there nearly every day (I am not that good at planning ahead). The next closest store (Target–which I love) is way over a busy street and not convenient.

  4. I detest Mal-Wart. 😛

    It won’t help with the clothing, but try an office supply store for the school supplies. They generally run excellent sales this time of year, and the prices should be comparable to Target.

  5. I also loathe It-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

    Unfortunately, I foresee myself shopping there more often in a couple of months when it will be a mere quarter of a mile from my new place, and Target will be about 5 miles away.

    I’ve been in the new one once. It was not so bad. But I think that’s because it’s brand new. I fully intend on giving it a few months before the signs of down-hillage start rearing their loathsome heads.

    That will be the point at which I re-begin shopping exclusively at Target.

  6. Malia

    noodle – yes an office supply store is next on the list of places to try for the remaining supplies 🙂

    Emily – the worst thing about this new one is the parking lot. It’s utter craziness since they had to build the parking lot to accommodate a stream that runs through that land and is apparently home to an endangered TN crawdad (or so I’ve heard). I loathe that parking lot!!

  7. Ahh Wal-Hell.

    psstt…I ordered jumpers and skorts from http://www.thechildrenswearoutlet.com in Georgia early in the summer (the quality is great….I wasn’t impressed with their polos, however)

    I have literally only bought one outfit from WalMart…everything else has been online.

  8. Malia

    Yes, thank you, I have that link. I think you gave it to me earlier this summer. I thought we were all set until we found out that a couple the items didn’t fit the way we expected. (I thought we had tried stuff on, but apparently I was delusional.) If we don’t find what we’re looking for today, I will be ordering on-line tonight. Probably from that site since their prices are so good! She’ll just have to switch between the stuff she does has for a few days until it gets delivered!

    We have plenty of tops but we’re in desperate need of bottoms!!

  9. I do not shop at WalMart as I disagree with their employment practices nor some of their corporate manipulation of vaarious things.

    I don’t rememver the terraces of purgatory but I do remember the circles of hell. I’ve been in Wally’s once. Close to last Christmas. I’d say at least the seventh circle!!!!

  10. Oh, what a pain. Grrr. It reminds me of the night I went to buy a cheap Easter dress for my daughter, and found that 1) there were none left and 2)there were moms literally half up-side-down, leaning into bins, screaming at and fighting each other for the last Dora the Explorer plastic eggs. YIKES!

  11. Malia

    Janice – I referred to those two “levels” because they involve the souls who were obsessed with material gain.

    Brillig – It wasn’t quite that bad! The part that irritated me the most was that in true Wal-Hell (thanks Jamie!) fashion, the school supply aisles were crammed together (and full of people) and I couldn’t maneuver my cart, with my children, down the aisle to look for supplies. I ended up parking the cart at the front of the aisle, stationing JBelle beside it with The GMan and doing a quick re-con mission to see if what we needed was in fact on that aisle!

    Oh and Slarti’s description is good, too!

  12. BrenOaks

    Not only do I hate going there…I hate that I go back to only remind myself why I don’t like to go there! I will say to myself “Self….it’s just a quick wal stop and I can knock out this list”. I always leave frustrated as 1/2 the things I were looking for were out of stock or just not there. Then I tell myself “Self…no more wal-mart, SuperTarget only”. Then I cave and repeat the process about 2 weeks later for the oh so convenient drive….

  13. Tanya

    The college students are back and I think they were all at Wal-mart last night when I was there – ugh!

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