I know I said I was going to have a better attitude…

Malia picture…but seriously, if you want any further reason why I loathe the SSA so much. Go here.



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6 responses to “I know I said I was going to have a better attitude…

  1. The epitome of nincompoopery.

  2. they lost me at the second ‘belt’ paragraph. Seriously? Two paragraphs on belts? This may be reason enough to homeschool.

  3. DB, you took the words right out of my mouth. 200 years from now someone will discover this and have a good laugh thinking someone had created a parody. “Belt infraction” indeed!

  4. Hmmm…….I started reading but stopped at some point. It got a little confusing quite frankly!

    Gracie has very rarely EVER worn a belt and has hardly EVER tucked in a shirt. (Some outfits are meant to be worn out.) I would have some trouble implementing this. I wouldn’t want to complain since I figure if I choose to put her in the school I have to abide by the rules, BUT it would be hard.

    Keep your head up, girl! ((hugs))

  5. I’ve got to be honest. The SSA really doesn’t bother me and Sheryl at all. Maybe it’s from both being former teachers, but I can see a lot of value in kids not being judged by their clothes vs others. Will that kind of judgment still happen? Probably, but on the other hand, I know from what I’ve heard at Kinsey’s school, the behavior problems are already down from the first week of school last year.

  6. Malia

    I knew you would say that. But I still have issues with the system. As much as I can, having not ever been a teacher or administrator, I appreciate how SSA can be helpful for teachers and the individual school administrators. However, the administrators who have put this system in place and who are making asinine suggestions such cutting a length of rope to tie around a student’s waist who does not have a belt* and who put an elementary student in ISS the first week of school for dress code infractions (when the school system itself is trying to clarify issues) are very troubling to me.

    Metro “sold” this system as being “simple” with two basic rules regarding tops and bottoms. Then in the packet sent home before school there’s pages and pages of rules about clothing. And then in the first week of school, they are clarifications to be to made and they put new rules in place. It seems that many are finding SSA to be anything but simple to follow and to enforce.

    And personally, for our family it was a disappointment in that new clothing had to be purchased when our child has a dresser and closet full of acceptable clothing to wear had SSA not been implemented.

    *This really got a rise out of me because I do not support humiliation as a form of discipline, ever. And tying a piece of rope around a kid is humiliating. How about a simple warning. It was the FIRST week of school!! If student continue to show refusal to follow the dress code, then you discipline but never humiliate.

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