What This Mom Can’t Do

Malia pictureJBelle has a couple of books by the same author, one is titled, What Moms Can’t Do and the other is, you guessed it, What Dads Can’t Do. The premise is, there are things that regular people can do that moms/dads just can’t do. For example, from What Moms Can’t Do, “Moms can’t make the bed without lots of help (picture shows the kid “helping” mom)…and they have trouble keeping things cleaned up (picture shows the kid throwing clothes on the floor while mom picks them up behind him).” I can relate to a lot of the things that both the mom and the dad in the book “can’t do” but I felt there were a few missing. Here a some things that this mom can’t do.

This mom can’t take two steps in any direction with someone asking, “Where are you going?”

This mom apparently needs help using the restroom because she is always has company while using the facilities.

This mom also needs help putting the groceries on the check-out conveyor.

This mom can’t take just one picture.

This mom can’t pick out ice cream all by herself.

This mom has trouble keeping the laundry folded.

This mom can’t say no to requests for hugs and kisses.

This mom can’t stop praying for her children.

This mom can’t finish a blog post without being stopped a zillion times to answer questions, assist with bathroom trips, fetch drinks, let the dog out, answer phone calls and retrieve “missing” items.

And like the mom and dad in the books, this mom can’t ever stop loving her sweet children!


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3 responses to “What This Mom Can’t Do

  1. diana

    And that MOM is my precious and wonderful first born daughter.
    And THIS mom couldn’t be more proud of YOU!

  2. Hugs.
    I love this.
    Love it.

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