She Made Me Do It

Malia pictureSince I skipped the part in the seminar we had to take before entering adulthood about taking responsibility for one’s own actions, I can easily assign blame for all time sucking activities I get myself into. Blogging? Brandon’s fault. Twitter? Katherine’s fault. Facebook? Tanya’s fault. See, I told you so.

Yes, that’s right, I’m on Facebook now. How is it Tanya’s fault? Well, she invited me. She requested that I be her friend! And while we’re on the subject of friends. I know numerous folks on Facebook and did any of you ever invite me? Request me to be your friend? What, was I not worthy of joining you on yet another navel gazing format? Wait, don’t answer that.

Somebody stop the madness!! (Not me of course, that would be taking responsibility for myself.)



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6 responses to “She Made Me Do It

  1. I will NEVER get on MyFace.

  2. Lisa

    First, I just started the other day. Second, I asked those who were already on Facebook to be my friends, but I didn’t want to bother anyone who wasn’t already on it.

    (Thanks a lot, Tanya, for making me look bad!)

    “MyFace” — LOL!

  3. Hey, I felt bad enough for the Twitter thing! There was no way I was gonna suck you down another rabbit hole.

    (Although personally I like FaceBook better.)

  4. Lisa

    Hey, let’s not tell the “young people” we do Facebook. If they know the older generation’s getting into it, it won’t be cool anymore! (Not that we’re old.)

  5. OK I admit it, I could have invited you to join me on Facebook, but then I would actually have to keep up with it. I haven’t checked that thing in Oh, forever. See, I’m too busy with MySpace and virb and blogging – I have some church work to do too you know, ugh.

  6. mary alice

    oh, malia – if you really need a good excuse to spend more time on the computer then you most certainly, definitely, absolutely need a MySpace page. holy cow, i seriously had to put time restrictions on myself because it is so addicting! i have found friends that i never thought i’d see again – friends that I literally had not seen in 20 years!

    it’s awesome. do it, do it, do it!

    it was good to see you today. however, i am dreading trying to move myself out-of-shape self out of bed in the morning!

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