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The Red Sofa Revisted or How We’ve Utilized one of the 4 “Rs”

Malia pictureWe bought a sofa a few weeks ago and today I called the furniture store and canceled the order. What it all boils down to is a sofa and two matching chairs became available that we could purchase for a little less than we paid for the red sofa. No, the “new to us” sofa isn’t red but that’s alright, because like the title of the post indicates, we’re able to reuse items instead of purchasing new.

Reusing is probably the second most utilized, in our household, of the four “maxims” I blogged about earlier. My favorite form of reuse is consignment sales. I’ve been shopping at consignment sales since JBelle was a baby and a couple of years ago, I started participating in them by putting my own items in the sale. I think the reason I really like consignment sales is because I’m not a big shopper. I sort of used to be but over the years I’ve become a bit of a “fuddy duddy” who only shops when necessary. I get very little pleasure out of just roaming around malls windowing shopping, browsing, etc. (There are occasional times when I want to do this, so I guess I’ve haven’t revoked my “womanhood” entirely!) When I shop, I have a purpose, an item in mind that I’m either wanting or needing. So, I do consignment sales because twice a year it becomes necessary to outfit my children for the upcoming seasons. They need clothes, consignment sales have clothes, that makes me happy, everybody wins!

Thrift stores are another great way to get items. I’ve only been in a few of them over the years and today, Meredith introduced me to one that’s really close and does a lot of good for our community. And of course, there’s the quintessential garage/yard sales. This kind of shopping is hit or miss and I usually don’t have the patience to go from store to store or house to house hoping to find a treasure. But I’ll definitely be going back to my neighborhood thrift store on a regular basis now that I know all about it!

Do you have any favorite ways of reusing?


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At Least I Still Have the Internet

Malia pictureMy physical voice has been silenced by a cold. I can’t yell at my kids, nag my husband or scold the dog. But I can still type!! Oddly enough, I don’t have much to say here. Or rather, I have a lot I’d like to say, just no time or energy to hash out coherent posts. I’m going on my fourth or fifth night of not sleeping well so in addition to being mute, I’m feeling rather brain dead as well. So that’s all your actually going to hear from me right now.

Have a nice day and stay well!


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The 4 Rs

Malia pictureI want to talk a bit about something that has become almost an obsession for me and DB. I’ve posted before about how we’re trying to live a more simplified lifestyle, not buy new stuff, etc. Part of our efforts have been to implement four maxims into how we live and run our household: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-Purpose. I think I’ll do a post about each one over the next week or so.

It took me a long time to get to this point because I kept thinking that it would just be too hard, too time consuming, and not exactly “simple”. I’d like to share with you a few ways we’ve found to do each of these “Rs” that haven’t been difficult at all. My hope is to encourage and enlighten, not to condemn or to say “look at us and how good we are”, because that’s not it at all. And we’re certainly not perfect. There are days when admittedly, I throw out stuff that technically could be recycled or I buy something just because it’s “easier” than reusing or re-purposing another item. It’s all apart of learning and being human.

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Dear MNPS School Board, Please Make Up Your Minds!!

Update at the end of post.
Malia pictureLate last week I was perusing our family calendar to familiarize myself with what was coming up this week. I saw that school pictures for JBelle were on the calendar and I sighed to myself thinking, “Hmmm…should she wear the red or pink polo shirt to school that day?” Because, as you remember, Metro Davidson Country Schools now enforce a Standard School Attire dress code. Nothing says personality like every kid’s school picture looking exactly like that of the student sitting next to them!

But wait! Lo and behold the phone rang that same evening with a nice recorded message from the school’s principal. Ms. Principal* was calling to remind everyone about fundraisers, upcoming events, etc. On the list of reminders was school pictures and a notice that for one day only students do not have to wear SSA approved clothing. However, no jeans and no cargo pants would be allowed! So basically, JBelle can wear a dress or a non-collared, even patterned(!) shirt to school on picture day.

OK, I’m thrilled that JBelle can pick-out the outfit of her choice (albeit mother approved outfit) for her school pictures. But, if you’re going to implement a dress-code standard, why change it up for picture day? What? Don’t you want proof of the asinine decision to make every kid look exactly the same and the budget breaking strains placed on lower income families? You’d think the school board would want to flaunt their ground-breaking decision with school pictures that scream, “My individuality has been regulated out of me!” I mean really! Aren’t school pictures supposed to be a “snapshot”, a reflection of what the child looked like that year?

Heh. Now we get to look back at JBelle’s second grade pictures and remember the day, the only day, she didn’t have to wear a collared shirt and khakis.


*Not her real name, natch.

Updated: A couple of things came to my attention since writing this post. First, we got a letter home from Ms. Principal saying that the “no jeans” decision was actually something that fell under “principals discretion”, so she decided to allow the students the opportunity to wear jeans on picture day, if they so desired. Second, apparently each school gets 10 days a year when they can relax the SSA dress code and many schools were choosing to use picture day as one of their ten. A lot of this still totally irks me but as I reiterated to JBelle, these are the rules, we will abide by them and we’ll be respectful. And only Mommy can complain about on her blog 😉 (no, I didn’t say that part to her!)


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Welcome to My Maddening World

Malia pictureI write on my About Malia page of my self diagnosed split-personality disorder (tongue-in-cheek phrasing). It’s something I deal with on a daily basis. Today offered a very classic example of my dilemma driven days.

JBelle is on the swim team with a local YMCA. It is her first time being on a swim team and today was the first scheduled swim meet. Being a beginning swimmer, she was only signed up to participate in one event, however, swim team members are strongly encouraged to attend the entire meet to offer support and encourage to their teammates. It makes sense, but do you know how long swim meets are? Hours and hours long. From what I can tell it’s pretty much an all day thing.

So here’s my back-and-forth dilemma. I know it’ll be good for her. It’ll be good, fun even, to see the other swimmers compete, to get a good sense of what this “being on a swim team” thing is all about. However, I seriously don’t want to spend all day at the pool when my kid is participating in one event that’ll take five minutes. On the one hand, I want to have a good attitude, to lead by example. On the other hand, I want to whine and complain and stomp my foot and pout!

So, I put on my happy face, psyche myself up, make a concerted effort to be excited and thrilled to be going to a swim meet today. I drive JBelle and my self ~35 miles, over to the next county to a the YMCA where today’s swim meet is to be held. We arrive at 10 am sharp, in time for warm-ups. (Meet starts at 11 am.) Can you guess what I’m about to tell you? The meet was canceled!!

Yet, I still find myself oddly conflicted. Here is the answer (albeit frustrating since we’d just driven 45 minutes) I would have never even hoped for and I still can’t be entirely happy about it. Why? Because of all the reasons I listed before. So, on the one hand, I’m thrilled to have “my day” back but on the other hand, I’m bummed that it didn’t work out.

It’s madness I tell you. Pure madness.


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8 Random Things About Phil Wilson

Well, Phil has tagged us on a meme. I really don’t get why he wants us to list 8 Random Things about him, but here goes.

1. We know at least five Phils.

2. Phil Wilson is by far the funniest. (looking – no! just kidding)

3. We can always count on Phil for information about Heroes.

4. Phil could be one of the Petrelli brothers. His superpower would have something to do with blogging, kind of like e-mail girl. He would make a iPhone gadget of sorts appear in mid-air and reprogram all of the worlds blogs to say, Phil Petrelli is awesome.

5. We get a lot of people coming to this blog from Phil’s blog. Hi Phil’s readers!! Glad to see you here!

6. Fred Thompson is tall, Phil is not (but he’s not short either).

7. Phil shares his initials, JPW, with a brand of loudspeakers.

8. We find that incredibly ironic.

We tag:

Brandon Scott Thomas
Gavin Richardson
Justin Mundie

To do 8 Random Things about Phil Wilson!


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Trying Not To Whine

Malia pictureToday has been a tough day for me. (And it has nothing to do with the date.) I honestly don’t want to whine about it on the Internet so suffice to say I’m not in the best of moods. But I did get to help out over at Music City Bloggers. I wish I had the time to contribute more regularly over there. I’ll just take a moment to publicly thank badbadivy and Katherine Coble for all their hard work on MCB. There are a bunch of us who contribute but those two do the lion’s share and I am very grateful to them for it!

And props to Brittney!!!


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