The Red Sofa: Adventures in Holastafarianism

Malia pictureYou know how sometimes when you start something, for example a weight loss regime or a smoking cessation program, you might hesitate to tell anyone about it just in case you, well, fail and then you won’t feel like a fool? No? Just me? Well anyway…for some time now we (that would be DB and me and our children by proxy) have been attempting to simplify the way we live. And we’ve been attempting to do things in our life that help to reduce our personal impact on the world we live in. We’ve taken the proverbial “baby steps” and have tried to incorporate these new, simple ways one at a time.

Part of our life adjustments have been resisting the urge to buy new things. First, we consider whether or not we can live without it. If the answer to the first question is no, our second step is determining whether or not we can purchase it used or possibly trade for it. But to be quite honest, this has been a hard process for us. For example, a few weeks ago both our VCR and DVD player bit the dust. Literally within days of each other. (It turned out the VCR still actually plays tapes, just can’t program it anymore.) What to do, what to do? Answer to the first question came back a resounding, “NO!” Answer to the second question? Technically, “yes” but well, it was simply “easier” to purchase a new unit (DVD/VCR combo) at our favorite retailer. And that was that. We were the sort of proud new owners of new DVD/VCR.

Which brings us to the sofa. We have a sofa and loveseat that are hand-me-downs. Which is fine by us. Especially considering that we have young children who are genetically programmed to seek out and destroy all “nice” things in our home. The furniture had to have been at least 10 years old when we got it and we’ve had it at least five years. It’s been really good furniture. But awhile back, the sofa “broke down”, meaning the braces underneath gave way and no longer offered support. DB tried to fix it but it was beyond repair. So, I stuffed some throw pillows under the cushions and we made do for awhile.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. I really wanted a new sofa. And so the negotiations began but the lines were blurry and the answers to the questions were unsatisfactory. Could we truly live without a new sofa? Yes. Did we want to? No. Could we get it used? Yes. Did we want to. No, not really. Back and forth we went. Our other consideration was that we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that the demolition derby children would be jumping/playing/fighting/spilling/sitting on and would eventually be deemed “playroom worthy”. Again, what to do, what to do?

We bought a new sofa. On sale. It’s red. I’m happy. Sort of. I don’t want to feel guilty over buying a stupid piece of furniture. I want to live a life that honors God and that is true to my convictions. Does God care about my living room furniture? I don’t think so. Does he care about my heart? Absolutely. I don’t think we made the wrong decision. We just could have possibly a made a better one. And I’m okay with that.


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6 responses to “The Red Sofa: Adventures in Holastafarianism

  1. I am fairly partial to red sofas ;-)–but what I really love is your heart!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has these internal debates! I think I was telling you about my grocery store dilemma–walk to the grocery so I can avoid using gas, or push the stroller next to a major street, possibly putting them in danger.

    You’re right–it’s the heart that counts.

  3. Malia

    Meredith, I’m a walking internal debate! My days are full of “but on the other hand….”, I can barely decide what to wear much less whether or not we should make a major purchase! (Have you read the About Malia page?) It’s so frustrating. I keep second guessing every little thing, so I’m determined to be happy with this purchase and stop obsessing about it!

  4. diana

    so …. was there more than one red sofa purchased yesterday?

  5. Sheryl

    I’m facing a similar dilemma myself. We just figured out there’s no cable jack (or phone jack for that matter) in Tyler’s room.
    Do we put one in so we can watch children’s programming and movies on cable??
    Or do we deal with regular channel tv (which we hardly watch anymore) and have videos/DVD’s going??
    Of course, for now it’s mainly for my entertainment while I’m in there tending to my dear one. I’ve heard there’s something called ‘books’ that we can read as well for entertainment but, can one (I mean ME) live without watching cable now??. 🙂

    What’s a mom to do??

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