Friday’s Feast Tres

This week’s Friday’s Feast

Using only one word, how does grocery shopping make you feel?


What is your favorite part about the season of Autumn?

All of it! The cooler temps, the leaves changing and falling, playing in the leaves, putting out my fall decor, the smells, the colors, crunchy caramel apple pie, pumpkin bread, trips to Gentry’s Farm, carving pumpkins, picking out Halloween costumes, Parade of Bible characters at church, Halloween & Trunk or Treat. I heart Autumn!!!
Have you ever had any bad experiences online?

Thankfully, no.

Main Course
Name three things that make you happy daily.

DB, JBelle & The GMan

What one household cleansing or organizing item would you not want to be without?

What is this cleansing and organizing you speak of? Okay, I’ll try – cleansing: washing machine; organizing: computer



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4 responses to “Friday’s Feast Tres

  1. I to love Autumn!!! Lovely Feast!!!

  2. I loved your soup!! wonderful feast this week.

  3. zoe

    I don’t usually particular decorate for autumn, but I’m thinking about some pumpkins and other gourds this year.

  4. Bob

    Appetizer – Hungry, I find so many things to eat when I shop (not that I do that much shopping).
    Soup – there is no such thing as autumn in Central Florida. There is only summer (May-Oct) and winter (Nov-Apr). Winter is like a Maine summer. I did like the Fall in NJ. It was my favorite season. Soccer for the kids, fall colors, etc.
    Main Course – getting my Bible reading done, family, hanging upside down.
    Dessert – cleansing – Clorox disinfecting wipes; organizing – Palm Tungsten T5

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