8 Random Things About Phil Wilson

Well, Phil has tagged us on a meme. I really don’t get why he wants us to list 8 Random Things about him, but here goes.

1. We know at least five Phils.

2. Phil Wilson is by far the funniest. (looking – no! just kidding)

3. We can always count on Phil for information about Heroes.

4. Phil could be one of the Petrelli brothers. His superpower would have something to do with blogging, kind of like e-mail girl. He would make a iPhone gadget of sorts appear in mid-air and reprogram all of the worlds blogs to say, Phil Petrelli is awesome.

5. We get a lot of people coming to this blog from Phil’s blog. Hi Phil’s readers!! Glad to see you here!

6. Fred Thompson is tall, Phil is not (but he’s not short either).

7. Phil shares his initials, JPW, with a brand of loudspeakers.

8. We find that incredibly ironic.

We tag:

Brandon Scott Thomas
Gavin Richardson
Justin Mundie

To do 8 Random Things about Phil Wilson!


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3 responses to “8 Random Things About Phil Wilson

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  2. sorry, missed out on this tag. i’ll work on my random listing

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