Welcome to My Maddening World

Malia pictureI write on my About Malia page of my self diagnosed split-personality disorder (tongue-in-cheek phrasing). It’s something I deal with on a daily basis. Today offered a very classic example of my dilemma driven days.

JBelle is on the swim team with a local YMCA. It is her first time being on a swim team and today was the first scheduled swim meet. Being a beginning swimmer, she was only signed up to participate in one event, however, swim team members are strongly encouraged to attend the entire meet to offer support and encourage to their teammates. It makes sense, but do you know how long swim meets are? Hours and hours long. From what I can tell it’s pretty much an all day thing.

So here’s my back-and-forth dilemma. I know it’ll be good for her. It’ll be good, fun even, to see the other swimmers compete, to get a good sense of what this “being on a swim team” thing is all about. However, I seriously don’t want to spend all day at the pool when my kid is participating in one event that’ll take five minutes. On the one hand, I want to have a good attitude, to lead by example. On the other hand, I want to whine and complain and stomp my foot and pout!

So, I put on my happy face, psyche myself up, make a concerted effort to be excited and thrilled to be going to a swim meet today. I drive JBelle and my self ~35 miles, over to the next county to a the YMCA where today’s swim meet is to be held. We arrive at 10 am sharp, in time for warm-ups. (Meet starts at 11 am.) Can you guess what I’m about to tell you? The meet was canceled!!

Yet, I still find myself oddly conflicted. Here is the answer (albeit frustrating since we’d just driven 45 minutes) I would have never even hoped for and I still can’t be entirely happy about it. Why? Because of all the reasons I listed before. So, on the one hand, I’m thrilled to have “my day” back but on the other hand, I’m bummed that it didn’t work out.

It’s madness I tell you. Pure madness.


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4 responses to “Welcome to My Maddening World

  1. Get out of the house woman, now, and enjoy your swim meet free day!

    35 miles for a swim meet? Now that should earn you some major Mom points. (And thanks for making me realize that we might not want to try swimming as a sport) 😉

  2. Malia

    LOL! I did take the kids outside after finishing that post! And then we went to Target 😀

    Thankfully, in a four month season, there are “only” five (now four) swim meets and one of those is at our Y. So it’s not like we’re doing this every Saturday!

    JBelle did say to me earlier this week that she wants to do soccer again this spring after previously saying she was done with soccer. That made me pretty happy! Though, I do take into account her femaleness and our prerogative to change our minds! So, we’ll see.

  3. Elizabeth

    That kind of stuff drives me CRAZY! People keep asking me if Carter does any sports or “activities.” I feel like it’s expected around here for kids to be involved in activities as soon as they can walk….but that’s for a soapbox post on my blog later. Carter doesn’t do anything simply because I don’t want the responsibility yet. I’m impressed by your willingness to do all that. You can bet I’ll be staying away from the swim team if that’s how it works!

  4. Malia

    I hear you!! The first organized sport that JBelle participated in was last spring when she did soccer. She was in the spring semester of her first grade year…years later from when many of her friends had started participating in sports or dance teams. I resisted it for a long time because I truly did not want to be so busy shuttling my kid around from practice to practice and game to game. I do think that participating in sports can be a good for kids but I really don’t get the drive to put them in so early.

    Our rule is, and will continue to be, one sport at a time. So if she wants to do soccer again next spring, she can’t do swim team as well.

    The swimming thing really isn’t that bad, I guess. Like I told Jamie, there are only a handful of meets, I just need to be better prepared mentally to be spending my day doing that than I was yesterday! It’s weird. For some reason, the meet being canceled yesterday just really helped my attitude for the rest of the season!

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