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The 4 Rs

Malia pictureI want to talk a bit about something that has become almost an obsession for me and DB. I’ve posted before about how we’re trying to live a more simplified lifestyle, not buy new stuff, etc. Part of our efforts have been to implement four maxims into how we live and run our household: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-Purpose. I think I’ll do a post about each one over the next week or so.

It took me a long time to get to this point because I kept thinking that it would just be too hard, too time consuming, and not exactly “simple”. I’d like to share with you a few ways we’ve found to do each of these “Rs” that haven’t been difficult at all. My hope is to encourage and enlighten, not to condemn or to say “look at us and how good we are”, because that’s not it at all. And we’re certainly not perfect. There are days when admittedly, I throw out stuff that technically could be recycled or I buy something just because it’s “easier” than reusing or re-purposing another item. It’s all apart of learning and being human.

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