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The Red Sofa Revisted or How We’ve Utilized one of the 4 “Rs”

Malia pictureWe bought a sofa a few weeks ago and today I called the furniture store and canceled the order. What it all boils down to is a sofa and two matching chairs became available that we could purchase for a little less than we paid for the red sofa. No, the “new to us” sofa isn’t red but that’s alright, because like the title of the post indicates, we’re able to reuse items instead of purchasing new.

Reusing is probably the second most utilized, in our household, of the four “maxims” I blogged about earlier. My favorite form of reuse is consignment sales. I’ve been shopping at consignment sales since JBelle was a baby and a couple of years ago, I started participating in them by putting my own items in the sale. I think the reason I really like consignment sales is because I’m not a big shopper. I sort of used to be but over the years I’ve become a bit of a “fuddy duddy” who only shops when necessary. I get very little pleasure out of just roaming around malls windowing shopping, browsing, etc. (There are occasional times when I want to do this, so I guess I’ve haven’t revoked my “womanhood” entirely!) When I shop, I have a purpose, an item in mind that I’m either wanting or needing. So, I do consignment sales because twice a year it becomes necessary to outfit my children for the upcoming seasons. They need clothes, consignment sales have clothes, that makes me happy, everybody wins!

Thrift stores are another great way to get items. I’ve only been in a few of them over the years and today, Meredith introduced me to one that’s really close and does a lot of good for our community. And of course, there’s the quintessential garage/yard sales. This kind of shopping is hit or miss and I usually don’t have the patience to go from store to store or house to house hoping to find a treasure. But I’ll definitely be going back to my neighborhood thrift store on a regular basis now that I know all about it!

Do you have any favorite ways of reusing?


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