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Malia pictureTap, tap. Is this thing on? Tap, tap.

So…how’ve you been? Good, glad to hear it. Me? Well, how much time you got?

Life is what happens when I’m not blogging. Profound, huh? Yeah. I’ve been busy lately. If you followed me from my old blog, you may remember tales of the Baked Chocolate Confection troop of the worldwide girls organization that rhymes with Curl Outs. You may remember that I wanted JBelle to join a troop last fall but did not want to be a leader of said troop. Thankfully, JBelle was placed into an existing troop with existing leaders and we had a wonderful experience even with the selling of rectangular shaped boxes of mostly circular shaped goodies. However, this year the co-leader has moved far, far away (to Spring Hill) and the leader wants a break and in order for the troop to survive, someone had to step in and be the leader and that someone would be…me. So enough with the euphemisms, I’m now a leader of a Girl Scout Brownie troop (Helloooo Googlers!) and yes, we’ll be selling Girl Scout cookies in January so be on the lookout! I’ve been inundated with logistics and training and paperwork and e-mails and phone calls and meetings and more paperwork and more logistics. It’s actually pretty fun and I’m enjoying myself but, whew! Now I know why the leader wanted a break!

My parents were in town last weekend for a long weekend visit. I always enjoy their visits but it also means lots of driving and visiting with other relatives and figuring out meal plans and just basic logistics. (I’m seeing a theme here.) It was a very nice visit. They got to experience Emily’s threes, Mom got to see JBelle swim in a swim meet, Dad got to go with DB to a barbershop competition (singin’, not hairstylin’!) and we all enjoyed watching Ginny and Roxy (Em’s dog) get to know each other and become immediate BFFs. (See Flickr for pics.)

Speaking of my old blog, I was looking over it last night (it’s still out there, just in a different form) and reading a post I wrote just about a year ago. I’m so glad that I wrote stuff about my kids because I had completely forgotten most of what I had written about! So, even though this post is getting “rawther” long, I’m going to write about the kids, for my sake, to preserve my ever failing memory. I think I’m going to utilize the “more” tag. Continue reading


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