Lunch Counter Encounter

Malia pictureMy turn to approach the lunch counter arrived and two, “too cute for their own good”, young men simultaneously motioned me to their end of the counter. They were working separate registers so I asked, “Which one of should I go to?” Too Cute #1 replied, “Whichever one of us looks the most competent to take your order!” To which I wittily cameback, “Guess I’ll get back in line then!”

They didn’t get it.

The one time a witty, pithy comeback pops into my head and I’m able to use it, it’s lost on the Abercrombie brothers. Figures.

I guess that’s what blogs are for!


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8 responses to “Lunch Counter Encounter

  1. Don’t you worry, Malia…I “got” your humor immediately. Them young’uns got a lot to learn.

  2. Malia

    Thanks Ginger!!

  3. Lisa

    You’re funny. I hate it when I have a witty comment for once and the person didn’t get it or didn’t hear me and I have to repeat it. Totally loses the effect, huh?

  4. Kids these days–they just don’t get funny!

    It is too bad you had such a great line and they didn’t get it! What a waste. I am thankful for blogs ;-)!

  5. Bob

    Were they both blonde?

  6. erinlcox

    Oh yeah, happens to me all the time since we work with so many college students. Man I love ’em, but really, I wonder how they manage to get dressed by themselves sometimes.

    Do you also get the same response when you give a cashier correct change or worse yet when you give them some amount of money to that you’ll get even cash back? Oh, how the Taco Bell workers fear me! 🙂

  7. Lisa

    Erin — that happens to me all the time. I used to work the register in a little general store & figured out pretty easily how giving $21 when the total is $15.71 will yield a $5 and some change, but sometimes when I do that, the cashier gives me a look that says “Ooo-kay” — at least until they punch it in to the register & realize what my change is going to be.

  8. sauer kraut

    Why do you expect Abercrombie brothers to know what “pithy” is?? Well, at least they weren’t the Ariso(*&#(^ple brothers.

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