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Malia pictureI set up a Flickr account a couple years ago to mainly showcase pictures of my children. I kept all the pictures public because frankly, I didn’t really think anyone except friends, family and the occasional blog reader would look at them. Over the past couple of years, I have received a few comments from friends, a few contacts who have marked some of the pictures favorites and some pictures that have been viewed more than others, but nothing that threw up any red flags. Until today.

Flickr e-mails me when there’s been “activity” on a picture, like someone leaving a comment or marking it as a favorite. I got an e-mail this morning notifying me that a picture had been marked as favorite. However, I don’t know the Flickr user who “favorited” my picture. The picture in question is one of both the kids. They are dressed-up and in particular, The GMan is wearing some of his sister’s clothes & has a flower barrette in his hair. The Flickr user in question has no pictures posted of their own, only favorites of other users; mostly people…no mostly children…no mostly young boys dressed-up in girls clothes!! And after looking at the tags of the pictures that this user has posted, they seem to be targeting tags, titles, etc with the words: dress or dress-up! (Also doesn’t help that the prefix of the user’s e-mail address [the only identifying feature] is “nmonster”!) A quick glance at the picture of mine and one similar to it on my Flickr page showed that both pictures had over 300 views!!

So…to wrap this little anecdote up, I blocked that user and I’ve marked just about every picture of the kids on my account as “Private – friends & family only”. If you’ve been viewing pictures on my Flickr page without being a registered user, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to register an account (it’s free!) and add me as a contact. Then I’ll add you as friend or family (whichever applies, as long as I know who you are!) and then you can see those pictures again. I know this probably a false sense of security but it does make me feel better knowing that, for the most part, not just anyone can look at these pictures for their own weird fetishes (hello Googlers!).

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