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Our preacher has started a new sermon series on time and what we, as Christians, do with and should do with our time. His premise is that if a person lives 70 years, after allotting time for sleep and work, we essentially have 12 million minutes left in a lifetime that is “ours”. So what do we do with those remaining minutes? We eat. We take showers and fix our hair. We do chores. We watch television. We mow the lawn. We do laundry. We care for our children. We commute. We play. We worship. We pray. And many of us, we blog.

Time is such an interesting concept. We all know the phenomenon of “feeling” as if time has flown by because we’re having fun. Or the opposite when time seemingly stands still when things are boring or dull. It’s 8 am here in Nashville, but it’s 2 pm in London and it’s already tomorrow in Sydney, Australia. Time heals wounds, physical and emotional. Doctors mark the moment we were born by the clock. And the moment we die.

Time can make an extraordinary difference in the way something “turns out”. If you let the bread dough sit long enough for the yeast to rise, you’ll get a beautiful, fluffy loaf of bread. If you bake it too early, it’ll be flat and dense. If you take the entire prescription of your antibiotic, even though you’re already feeling better, most likely you’ll not get sick again. If you stop the medication, without giving it time to work through your body, you may end up back in your doctor’s office. The organ in the Schermerhorn Symphony center sat for entire year after being installed without being played. It needed time to rest. Time to settle. Time to acclimate to its surroundings. An entire year. A little more than half a million minutes, before one single note was played.


A time for everything.

Time to live.

Time to laugh.

Time to love.

Time for a break.

So yes, you spent all this time reading this post just to so that I could say…

We’ll return to our regularly scheduling blogging after…some time.


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Something’s Not Right Here

Malia pictureI’ve been feeling rather strange lately. And it’s a bit disconcerting. Because usually I don’t feel this way until much later in the month. No, it’s not my monthly “womanly” cycle. No, I’m not pregnant. Instead, I’m inexplicably all aflutter with the…Christmas spirit!

I’m normally a bit of a holiday “purest”. Nothing Christmas happens in my life until after Thanksgiving. No music, no shopping (with a few exceptions), no decorating. Nothing. However…

A few days ago, I had an overwhelming urge to play Christmas music. (I was able to refrain, mainly because DB was home and he’d certainly have none of that!) Friday night, I came very close to having a peppermint hot chocolate (something I refuse to indulge in until after Thankgiving) And right now, as I write this, I really want to hop in my car and head to mall to shop. Did you catch that? I want to go to the mall. And shop.

I must be sick.


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The Only Reason We’ll Be Watching the CMAs Tonight

We try and leave extended family business out of our musings, rants, stories, etc. This is a blog about us and our nuclear family and we don’t want to tread on their privacy and business. But…

We’ll take a moment to just brag a bit and call attention to the Country Music Awards that are going on tonight. Earlier this year, I think, Brad Paisley chose the Brentwood High School marching band to record with him on a song called Online that was going on his new album. He promised the band that if he was nominated for a CMA, he’d take them with him. Well Brad was nominated and he made good on his promise. About half of the band’s members, which includes one of our nieces, will be performing tonight at the CMAs with Brad Paisley!!

We’re very proud of her and happy that she can cap off her Senior year with such a fun and exciting event!

Local news stories:
Paisley keeps promise to Brentwood High band
Brentwood HS Band To Perform At CMAs
BHS Band Excited About CMA Awards Performance
Brentwood High Band to Perform at CMA

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You know it’s a good party when…

…you end up with underwear on your head!


Thank you to “Juncle” for the Spiderman underwear!

More birthday photos on Flickr.


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Malia pictureSo, my baby turned three last week and with that momentous milestone came some big changes. He’s pretty much potty trained, so I removed the training potty chair from the bathroom and got him one of those seats that fits over the regular toilet seat to accommodate smaller bums. And he must now stand at the toilet to pee, which he’d been doing when we were away from home but he much preferred the comfort and ease of his training chair. We also converted his crib to a daybed. He loves it, but he’s been falling out of it. Constantly. Last night was particularly eventful and I’ve plead with DB to put up some kind of barrier because I can’t get through another night like last night!

And to top it all off, we “adios-ed” the pacifiers, aka “plugs” from his bedtime routine. That one has been especially hard on…us, the parents! The “plug” was that last bit of “baby” left in the GMan. And I was sure that he’d put up a major fit over them but so far, he hasn’t. We pretty much just didn’t offer them to him on the same night that we converted his crib. He was so excited about his “big boy bed” that he didn’t really notice that he didn’t have his plugs. He realized it later but we stayed strong and didn’t give in to his requests. On the second night, he asked for them and DB reminded him that he’s a big boy now and doesn’t need them anymore. To which the GMan replied with something to the effect of, “maybe we can send them somewhere”. To which his Dad replied, “like to babies who don’t have plugs?” And the GMan agreed that would be a good thing to do.

So today, the GMan and I took his plugs to the post office and mailed them to the “babies who don’t have any plugs” aka Granny & Pa’s house* (which reminds me…Mom, you have a “package” on the way to your house!) I had to blink back tears while we were at the post office. JBelle was about 21 months old when we broke her plug habit and I’ve put it off long enough with the GMan but it still choked me up a bit. Funny thing, the GMan seems to think that those plugs are going to find their way back to our house! He asked me on the way home when we’ll go and pick them up. Maybe he confused the post office with the dry cleaners?

Here are some photos from our trip to the post office. The pictures were taken by my cell phone since DB has absconded with my camera for work purposes.

Taking them from his “plug box” and putting them into the envelope.

All in!

Time to mail them!

Yay for being three!

Shauna blogged about kissing the pacifiers good-bye, too!

Emily has some great pictures from his “tractor birthday” party this past Sunday.

*Many thanks to Ivy for this idea!!


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The Birthday Boy Sleepeth


It’s not easy being three!

Tuckered out and it was only 1:15 pm! (He’s still asleep at 2:55 pm! This is the first nap in over a week!)

I did get him up early this morning to do a little celebrating before JBelle went to school. Then it was off to Meredith’s for a little Blogger chit chat and playing with friends old and new. Then lunch with Emily and Daddy at Mommy’s favorite restaurant (hey, I did carry the kid for 9 months, I get some birthday prerogative, too!) We headed to the credit union after lunch and as we exited the highway, I noticed it was awfully quiet in the car. A quick glance in the rearview mirror and I knew there was no way I was interrupting such good sleeping! Thankfully he transferred well from car to bed!

More about birthday celebrations later…


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Halloween Recap

I think it was my Twitter buddy Rex, who tweeted yesterday something along the lines of, “when did Halloween become a four day weekend?” Rex man, I hear you!

We started celebrating Halloween last Saturday night with the return of a beloved party thrown by some dear friends. The party included a chili cook-off contest to which DB won first place for his roasted pepper vegetarian chili. He had labeled his chili, “medium hot” but we soon found out that the medium qualifier was incorrect. It was just plain hot! Sunday was the annual traditional family pumpkin carving get together. We then headed to “Trunk-or-Treat” at our church building. I got to go party with Brittney and the gang Sunday night. (I guess that’s not Halloween related but it was still apart of the non-stop activities for the past several days.) Yesterday was a Halloween party at school, trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and then the annual traditional Parade of Bible Characters at church. Whew. I’m so worn out.

And in between all that Halloween celebrating, I was planning for, preparing for and conducting my first Brownie meeting as the leader. Let’s see, there were tears and blood and snacks and crafts. Sounds about right, right?

Today, I should be preparing for tomorrow which is the GMan’s birthday but I just can’t seem to get myself moving.

So, I leave you with the annual traditional porch pumpkin pictures. Aren’t they cute? (Maybe I’ll have more Halloween photos on Flickr by the end of the day…we’ll see!)





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