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Halloween Recap

I think it was my Twitter buddy Rex, who tweeted yesterday something along the lines of, “when did Halloween become a four day weekend?” Rex man, I hear you!

We started celebrating Halloween last Saturday night with the return of a beloved party thrown by some dear friends. The party included a chili cook-off contest to which DB won first place for his roasted pepper vegetarian chili. He had labeled his chili, “medium hot” but we soon found out that the medium qualifier was incorrect. It was just plain hot! Sunday was the annual traditional family pumpkin carving get together. We then headed to “Trunk-or-Treat” at our church building. I got to go party with Brittney and the gang Sunday night. (I guess that’s not Halloween related but it was still apart of the non-stop activities for the past several days.) Yesterday was a Halloween party at school, trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and then the annual traditional Parade of Bible Characters at church. Whew. I’m so worn out.

And in between all that Halloween celebrating, I was planning for, preparing for and conducting my first Brownie meeting as the leader. Let’s see, there were tears and blood and snacks and crafts. Sounds about right, right?

Today, I should be preparing for tomorrow which is the GMan’s birthday but I just can’t seem to get myself moving.

So, I leave you with the annual traditional porch pumpkin pictures. Aren’t they cute? (Maybe I’ll have more Halloween photos on Flickr by the end of the day…we’ll see!)





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