The Birthday Boy Sleepeth


It’s not easy being three!

Tuckered out and it was only 1:15 pm! (He’s still asleep at 2:55 pm! This is the first nap in over a week!)

I did get him up early this morning to do a little celebrating before JBelle went to school. Then it was off to Meredith’s for a little Blogger chit chat and playing with friends old and new. Then lunch with Emily and Daddy at Mommy’s favorite restaurant (hey, I did carry the kid for 9 months, I get some birthday prerogative, too!) We headed to the credit union after lunch and as we exited the highway, I noticed it was awfully quiet in the car. A quick glance in the rearview mirror and I knew there was no way I was interrupting such good sleeping! Thankfully he transferred well from car to bed!

More about birthday celebrations later…


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3 responses to “The Birthday Boy Sleepeth

  1. Tanya

    Happy birthday sleepy birthday boy 🙂

  2. Sheryl

    Happy birthday to the G-man!! Aren’t they so adorable when they’re sleeping! 🙂 Now I can relate to such adoration. Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!

  3. So peaceful and adorable!

    Happy belated birthday to the G-man!

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