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Malia pictureSo, my baby turned three last week and with that momentous milestone came some big changes. He’s pretty much potty trained, so I removed the training potty chair from the bathroom and got him one of those seats that fits over the regular toilet seat to accommodate smaller bums. And he must now stand at the toilet to pee, which he’d been doing when we were away from home but he much preferred the comfort and ease of his training chair. We also converted his crib to a daybed. He loves it, but he’s been falling out of it. Constantly. Last night was particularly eventful and I’ve plead with DB to put up some kind of barrier because I can’t get through another night like last night!

And to top it all off, we “adios-ed” the pacifiers, aka “plugs” from his bedtime routine. That one has been especially hard on…us, the parents! The “plug” was that last bit of “baby” left in the GMan. And I was sure that he’d put up a major fit over them but so far, he hasn’t. We pretty much just didn’t offer them to him on the same night that we converted his crib. He was so excited about his “big boy bed” that he didn’t really notice that he didn’t have his plugs. He realized it later but we stayed strong and didn’t give in to his requests. On the second night, he asked for them and DB reminded him that he’s a big boy now and doesn’t need them anymore. To which the GMan replied with something to the effect of, “maybe we can send them somewhere”. To which his Dad replied, “like to babies who don’t have plugs?” And the GMan agreed that would be a good thing to do.

So today, the GMan and I took his plugs to the post office and mailed them to the “babies who don’t have any plugs” aka Granny & Pa’s house* (which reminds me…Mom, you have a “package” on the way to your house!) I had to blink back tears while we were at the post office. JBelle was about 21 months old when we broke her plug habit and I’ve put it off long enough with the GMan but it still choked me up a bit. Funny thing, the GMan seems to think that those plugs are going to find their way back to our house! He asked me on the way home when we’ll go and pick them up. Maybe he confused the post office with the dry cleaners?

Here are some photos from our trip to the post office. The pictures were taken by my cell phone since DB has absconded with my camera for work purposes.

Taking them from his “plug box” and putting them into the envelope.

All in!

Time to mail them!

Yay for being three!

Shauna blogged about kissing the pacifiers good-bye, too!

Emily has some great pictures from his “tractor birthday” party this past Sunday.

*Many thanks to Ivy for this idea!!


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