The Only Reason We’ll Be Watching the CMAs Tonight

We try and leave extended family business out of our musings, rants, stories, etc. This is a blog about us and our nuclear family and we don’t want to tread on their privacy and business. But…

We’ll take a moment to just brag a bit and call attention to the Country Music Awards that are going on tonight. Earlier this year, I think, Brad Paisley chose the Brentwood High School marching band to record with him on a song called Online that was going on his new album. He promised the band that if he was nominated for a CMA, he’d take them with him. Well Brad was nominated and he made good on his promise. About half of the band’s members, which includes one of our nieces, will be performing tonight at the CMAs with Brad Paisley!!

We’re very proud of her and happy that she can cap off her Senior year with such a fun and exciting event!

Local news stories:
Paisley keeps promise to Brentwood High band
Brentwood HS Band To Perform At CMAs
BHS Band Excited About CMA Awards Performance
Brentwood High Band to Perform at CMA

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  1. Amelia

    We have a reporter there — picture of the Band arriving

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