Something’s Not Right Here

Malia pictureI’ve been feeling rather strange lately. And it’s a bit disconcerting. Because usually I don’t feel this way until much later in the month. No, it’s not my monthly “womanly” cycle. No, I’m not pregnant. Instead, I’m inexplicably all aflutter with the…Christmas spirit!

I’m normally a bit of a holiday “purest”. Nothing Christmas happens in my life until after Thanksgiving. No music, no shopping (with a few exceptions), no decorating. Nothing. However…

A few days ago, I had an overwhelming urge to play Christmas music. (I was able to refrain, mainly because DB was home and he’d certainly have none of that!) Friday night, I came very close to having a peppermint hot chocolate (something I refuse to indulge in until after Thankgiving) And right now, as I write this, I really want to hop in my car and head to mall to shop. Did you catch that? I want to go to the mall. And shop.

I must be sick.


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9 responses to “Something’s Not Right Here

  1. It must be catching. I’ll be out of town for Thanksgiving, so I asked my better half if we might put some stuff up next weekend. Not half an hour after that conversation, we were ready to chuck everything out of the attic and start decorating NOW.

    Luckily we sated our Christmas hunger by completing our gift lists. Besides, I need to clean the floors and curtains before lights go up. But next Sunday, watch out!

  2. diana

    It’s kind of somewhat beginning to feel a bit like Christmas …..

  3. I am in agreement on the Christmas feeling starting early…it is strong this year! I thought I was the only one..

  4. Must be in the air! My niece put her Christmas tree up this weekend because she couldn’t wait any longer – lol!

  5. A friend of mine saw a truck delivering cut Christmas trees to a store recently — apparently the Christmas mood has taken away people’s senses or else they just don’t care that their tree is going to be a brown stick by Christmas Day!

  6. Tracy

    I’ll pray for your quick healing… (that Thanksgiving come soon so you can get on with it!!)

    Tis’ the season.

  7. Tanya

    The kids and I have already started listening to Christmas music 🙂 Shhh! Don’t tell Jonathan, though!

  8. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia, so there’s no clear cut lead up to Christmas.
    But if it makes you feel better, my 4 boys and I bought all our Christmas presents in September, in one frenzied day of buying. We were in a market in Phuket, Thailand, so all of our relations are getting exotic Phuket-y gifts this year. (Plus a few handbags and t-shirts, etc.)
    We love Christmas, but I have to say we’ve never been quite so organised before!

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