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Christmas and Kids

Some tidbits about the kids this holiday season:

JBelle is back to making homemade Christmas gifts, like she did last year. Today she made one for me and her brother and “wrapped” them in some paper of her own design.

So far, those are the only gifts under the tree because I don’t trust the GMan to leave them alone until the proper time!

The GMan loves, loves, loves, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. He asks to watch the video and read the book pretty much on a daily basis. He’s very taken with the part where the Grinch stuffs the tree up the chimney. (You can imagine my surprise and delight to have found a Hallmark Christmas ornament of the Grinch stuffing the tree up the chimney!) The GMan, however, upon seeing the live action version of “The Grinch” on television last week, was not pleased with Jim Carey’s rendition of the Grinch. He’ll stick with the Dr. Suess version, thank you very much!

This year has been difficult shopping for JBelle. First, she hadn’t given any indication of what she was going to ask Santa for. Then, a couple weeks ago, she came home from school saying she was going to ask Santa for a ferret! We explained that Santa does not bring live animals (and if he brings them to your house then shush!) To which she responded, “Okay then, I’ll ask for an iPod!” Um, no. Seven year olds don’t get iPods (again, if they get them in your house then shush!) I offered up a couple of suggestions that were dismissed. Then I showed her some kid-friendly digital cameras. Bingo! Santa is now bringing her a Disney Pix Flix High School Musical digital camera. Whew! “Crisis” averted.

After we’d told convinced the GMan that he wanted Santa to bring him a train table, he saw a pirate ship in a catalog and started saying that he wanted Santa to bring him a pirate ship. Hmmm, too bad since Santa’s already committed to the train table! But, all was not lost, turns out a certain aunt will be giving him the pirate ship. Again, “crisis” averted.

I tried taking some pictures of the kids by our Christmas tree after we got it decorated but they didn’t cooperate with me:



Thankfully, DB got a great picture of them sitting with Santa at our church’s Family Christmas Breakfast. We used it for our Christmas cards and you can see it over on our Flickr page —->


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