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Awww, shucks!

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgSo I had this little spa party last night at my place. Wine, chocolate, foot soaks, warm neck wraps, more wine, more chocolate, a bunch of products that smell divine and feel good, a little more wine, some cheese (really, really yummy cheese), a little more chocolate….you get the picture. It was indulgent and decadent which is exactly what I was supposed to be. My friend, Aunt B. was there, and she wrote a very nice and complimentary post about the evening. If I do say so myself, the chocolate cake is quite yummy!

And as I commented on her post, for me the indulgence and decadence of the evening wasn’t the spa treatments and the luscious food, it was the time spent with friends. For me, the absolute hardest thing about being a stay-at-home mom is the lack adult conversation and interactions. I try and seize every opportunity that comes my way to “pamper” myself with conversations that don’t include the phrases, “why do you smell like pee?” and “have you brushed your teeth yet?” and “stop pulling the dog’s tail!” and “no, you may not clean the bathroom with the toilet paper”. And to eat at restaurants that don’t serve plastic toys with their meals. And to not care about whether or not the kids like hummus or olive tapenade because I do and it’s my party and that’s what I’m serving!

Many thanks to my blogging friends (Aunt B., Shauna, Kathy T., Jag, Lesley, Jamie & Mari) and non-blogging friends who attended last night’s soirée. I had a fun, relaxing time and I hope you did, too!


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