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The Things We Do For Our Kids


“I’ve got my laptop, cell phone, some blankets, my hat…”





“Well…you know you really don’t have to do this?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Okay then, just be careful…stay warm…please don’t get arrested!”

And out the door he went to brave the cold and dark. To secure his spot in line. To get our son into preschool next year.

Yes, we are those kind of parents. And yes, this preschool program is so worth it.

Some may wonder why we would be so crazy as to camp out just to turn in a preschool application. Some may think we’ve set the bar a little to high for future parents. Be that as it may, this program is our first choice. It’s where our daughter attended preschool and Kindergarten. It’s where we want to see our son go to school. Last year, we didn’t get in. And that was fine, it really was. But realizing later, that those who had arrived not too long before you had their child accepted, kind of makes you want to make sure you’re first in line the next time around.

This year? We were second in line. That’s right. We weren’t the only ones with the camp out idea.

(To our friends who who read this and who commented to us about this scenario on Sunday morning, we know you were joking. I just see some humor in this and wanted to share our little adventure.)


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