All Skate

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgJBelle went to her first skating party on Saturday. She’s never skated before. Ever. Well…sort of. She has a pair of in-line skates that were handed down to her from one of her cousins. She shuffles around in them in the house and a little bit outside. I don’t let her go on the wood floors, not really because of her safety but because I don’t want deep gouges in the floors from her shuffling back and forth!

So…back to the party. At the skate center you get regular ole roller skates. I’d explained the concept of them to her beforehand. Y’all, she was mess! And I felt so guilty! Why had I not given her a pair of skates two years ago and taught her how to rollerskate? By the time I was her age, I was a roller skating fiend! (Well, in that I could hold my own on a pair of skates and skate around the rink with everyone else. I never got into doing tricks or fancy footwork.) And skating parties were “all the rage” when I was kid. Everyone had skating parties.

Again, I digress. I told JBelle not to be afraid of falling. You’re going to fall, it’s OK. Look, lots of other kids are falling. I helped her out onto the rink. She fell. She didn’t cry, though. At least, not the first time. She shuffled her feet back and forth, didn’t get too far, fell down. By about the third or fourth fall she started to get frustrated and was crying. She even ended up falling in such a way, one time, that one of her skates hit her in the face just under her eye. Later that night she looked like she’d been in a fist fight!

I ended up staying the entire time with her. Walking the rink with her, helping her up when she fell. She was a lot more confident by the end of our time there. She was still shuffling, I never could get her to really lift her feet off the floor and glide. But she wasn’t falling as much and she could get herself up when she fell.

As a result, I’ve promised myself that she will learn to skate. I’m going to take her skating in the next several months and by her birthday…that new pair of skates she’s going to get will be put to good use!


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7 responses to “All Skate

  1. I’m officially scared for Miss C. She’s invited to a skating party in a few weeks and has never been skating and has a clumsy mother who can’t skate.

    YIKES. Me thinks we need to take her before the party so she can scope it out.

  2. diana

    Ahhh … memories.
    JBelle told me on the phone the other day about how she “knows how to skate now” and that she “skates” in the kitchen but not on the wood. I asked her if her Mom had told her about when she learned to skate. She responded affirmatively. Hmmmm. Maybe she was mistaken about this.
    Anyway …. I have memories of you (age 5) learning to skate on the patio at our house on Selfridge Dr, Edwards AFB. Many falls …. much shuffling …. lots of tears. I’m thinking you also may have taken those skates to B’field and used them on the driveway at 811 Houchin. Do you recall any of this?
    I hope she gets the hang of it b/c this could result in hours of fun for her.

  3. Malia

    I remember skating on our driveway and on the sidewalk in front of the 2nd house we lived in on Edwards AFB, I guess that must have been the Selfridge Drive one. I vaguely remember taking them to Bakersfield and using them on Grampie and Grammie’s driveway and back porch. I mostly remember skating parties at that rec center in Abilene and at the big skate center but oddly enough I don’t remember ever skating again after we moved away from Texas.

  4. Sheryl

    Roller-skating!! That takes me back to the good ole days! 🙂 Did the rink have the old fashioned four-wheeled skates or did the kids bring their own roller blades (aka inline skates)? I even remember having a few Christian youth nights at the local rinks where all the youth groups would get together and skate to Christian music all night!
    Ah, Good Times! 🙂

  5. Tracy

    Your house on Selfridge Drive is no longer standing. Actually, I don’t think that street even exists anymore. 🙂

    I too, was a skating fool. We loved to roller skate in the street or at the rink. Those were good times.

    Kind of sad my kids aren’t into it.

  6. I keep thinking that I need to take the kids to the skating rink. And bowling. These are both activities that I loved growing up.

  7. You brought back some memories here! I was never good at roller skating and that was like a handicap in the 70’s /80’s. God Bless roller blades and I truly mean that. They have saved me. Most rinks allowed them at the time I was an after school counselor. I truly think that in a few hundred years, historians or Aliens will say, “Yes, humans put wheels on their small children’s feet and then set them on a slick floor!” Sounds kind of scary huh?

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